Le Pain Quotidien: A ‘Sign’ Of Things To Come

It was back in January when we first caught a whiff of Le Pain Quotidien opening at 121 Montague Street in the long-deserted former location of Jennifer Convertibles. As of the first week of February, framing for new front windows was in the works and a month later promotions appeared in the windows.

Today, workers hung the banner signage for Le Pain Quotidien, while a construction crew member on-site shared with BHB that he was told the “bakery and communal table” is set to open for business in the next two to three weeks. That gives it a target of April 9-16.

If you can’t wait, take a look at Le Pain Quotidien’s menu here, which on its website says it offers “farm fresh produce, fragrant herbs, artisanal cheeses and, of course, our handmade organic breads.” In New York City, the locale has about 27 locations.

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  • JMD

    I’m sure you mean April 9-16.
    (Editor: I stand corrected. Thank you! =CT=)

  • AnnOfOrange

    I was told by the manager at LPQ on the upper east side that it will open on April 6th.

  • Nick A

    finally an upscale eatery on montague

  • WillowtownCop

    Another new sandwich shop is in the works in the old Envy Salon space on Columbia Place. Can’t wait!

  • Martin L

    I have it on good authority that they will have seating for 90 customers, many at communal tables, as is their style. They are also planning on sidewalk tables. I am sure many of us are looking forward to one of those illuminating early eating videos from Karl J.

  • Ginny

    Unfortunately, I think it’s just more homogenization of the neighborhood. Sorry, I don’t think it’s needed. As I have noted before, the food at LPQ is pretty tasteless although presented well. I guess it’s better than another Sleepy’s. What’s wrong with Teresa’s? Does it have to be a chain to be successful?

  • Heightser

    Not all chains are a bad thing. As much as I love Teresa’s food, the place is kind of nasty (ever use the bathroom?) and the service is rude. We call it service with a sneer. I prefer to only order in from there.

    LPQ is on a nice, wide, sidewalk. It will be great to have outdoor seating there.

  • Ginny

    I’ll give you that on the bathroom but since I live down the street I don’t usually make use of it. They could stand to do a little updating there. However, I’ve always had very friendly service.

    Re the “chain” thing, I might be more accepting if I liked LPQ better.

  • AEB

    MO for LPQ: buy the baked goods; eat elsewhere.

  • Shannon

    My husband and I have been SO EXCITED about this new addition! It fills the “quality/casual/classy/creative cuisine” void perfectly, for our tastes at least :)
    I love the one on the UWS, so I’m happy to welcome them to the neighborhood!

  • Joel vinson

    Iam looking forward to this store opening up been to lower Manhattan location on chambers st, great cafe food and service better ambiance. I feel this will be better for Montague st then Connecticut muffin, Starbucks, Lassen and hennings and heights cafe.

  • Victor RIvera

    I cant wait for le pan to open up in the heights. I had there breakfast in the upper west side location, awesome breakfast and coffee. It will be alot better then happy days breakfast, chefs don’t have any idea what they are doing for a diner that has been in the heights for over 20 years. This cafe will be excellent in terms of breakfast for residents and anyone visiting the area. I hope they will build a cafe like this in sunset park where Iam.

  • prin

    they sell decent bread here. thank goodness. that alone makes it a welcome addition to the street.

  • Andrew Porter

    Actually, Teresa’s *was* a chain, with three stores: the one here, plus another on Second Avenue in the East Village, and one on Austin Street in Forest Hills. Both of these stores closed several years ago.