Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 4/5: Signs Of Progress?

Since your BHB correspondent’s credentials are in crafting sentences and not engineering, I’m hard-pressed to explain exactly what’s going on in Brooklyn Bridge Park around the areas of Pier 4 and 5 (north of 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park condos, just south of Montague Street). But over the past week, trucks and crews have been pushing forward with what appears to be tangible progress, including some sort of water rampart at the shoreline (see larger image below the jump).

In any case, it’s a pleasure to see any sign of action, aside from DUMBO’s rehab at Fulton Ferry Park. According to the BBP’s website, completion of Pier 5 and a portion its “uplands”—comprising 5 acres of multi-use active recreation and a picnic peninsula with concession, barbeque and play area—is scheduled for completion in Fall 2012. See The Daily News update here.

A reminder: This Monday at 6 p.m., an update on recent and pending changes to the Park will take place during the Community Board 2′s Parks and Recreation Committee meeting, in Dining Rooms A/B (off of the cafeteria) at Brooklyn Hospital, 121 DeKalb Avenue at St. Felix Street, in Fort Greene.

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  • Josh G

    The Daily News published this piece last Thursday with a more complete update..

  • Chuck Taylor

    why, thank you, joshG — i added the link to the story.

  • Matthew Parker

    Anyone who wishes can attend the BBP Citizens Advisory Council meetings which usually take place every eight weeks or so and hear progress reports directly from Regina Meyer and her staff, and you can ask questions to the people who are overseeing the building of Brooklyn Bridge Park. These meetings, which are open to the public, are often announced on BHB or or the BBP website. At the meetings you’ll hear not just what’s immediately happening, but what’s planned over the next few months. At the end of each meeting, there’s a time for questions and comments from the public.

  • Josh G

    Love that park :)