Retracing 118’s Last Run

YouTube user Handbasketheaven posted this tribute to the Brooklyn Heights Heroes on 9/11, the men of Ladder Company 118.

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  • BklynLifer

    Sorry. I don’t understand why you posted this video. It wasn’t about Ladder 118 or their experiences. It’s all about the videographer who wants to feel the pain of Ladder 118 and make a “meaningful” video about her feelings.

  • roccos

    I was sorta thinking the same thing. But I don’t want to forget so thanks for the remembrance.

  • Ethan

    Actually, the video was about the plight of a rolled up newspaper trying desperately to get away from the unbelievably irritating woman holding it.

    I hate to speak ill of it because 9/11 was a terrible thing and I know the pain she was, and still is, feeling. But god-damn, that video was awful and annoying.

  • maybebaby

    You are annoying. Who cares what you think. I did what I did because I was compelled to, not because at the time I had the time to do it, or was able to talk myself out of doing it. It was a recording of what happened on an experiment I conducted out of reverence. The real beauty of the experience was the feeling of joy, being able to see the truck “again”. Of course, I am taking it down from youTube. Misunderstandings, such as, “Everything is open for critique.”, should not be allowed to continue.

  • Stan

    So much for understanding courage.