P.S. 8 to Host Open House This Wednesday Morning

For parents of children about to reach school age, or newcomers to the neighborhood, P.S. 8, our local public elementary school, located on Hicks Street between Middagh and Poplar streets, will have an open house this coming Wednesday morning, March 7, starting at 9:00. No advance reservation is necessary.

Just show up, entering through the doors at 37 Hicks Street (between Middagh and Poplar Streets.) It will start promptly at 9 AM and end at 10:45.

Attending the Open House is THE best way for prospective parents to familiarize themselves with PS 8’s classrooms and educational philosophy. This is your chance to meet other parents, talk to Principal Seth Phillips and tour the school.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration for PS 8’s sought-after Pre-Kindergarten will open on March 5 and remain open until April 6.

Photo: A Child Grows in Brooklyn.

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  • Heightsman

    And a great Principal too.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    If K heyman is the “K heyman” of Sotheby’s, congrats on your fantastic sale of the Capote House on Willow. Haven’t seen you in awhile at Noodle Pudding. A truly fantastic sale. Wow.

  • philica

    Such great memories of going to that school…

  • Jack

    Hi, just curious if this is a good school, why does it just receive a C grade from the City? Most people will not dine at a C grade restaurant. Something does not tally.

  • Heightser

    It’s the grading system, not the school. The school is amazing.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Jack: to add a bit more to Heightser’s reply, the grading system is based heavily on a school’s improvement in student scores over the previous year. This punishes schools like P.S. 8 that have seen considerable improvement in the past, but have reached a plateau of high achievement. In any event, I think the only way to evaluate a school is to visit it, meet some parents and students, talk to teachers and administrators, and get a feel for it first-hand. I have no connection to P.S. 8 as an alumnus, parent, faculty, or administrator.

  • Heightsman

    @Cluade or whoever please don’t edit comments on this blog. I was not first. As we know K Heyman called the PS 8 Principal = Principle and Karl’s comment supports I wasn’t first. K Heyman was first but disappeared. Editorial discretion I guess.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Heightsman: I sometimes edit my own comments, but never anyone else’s.

  • David on Middagh

    Uh-oh. “Me” let the rat out of the bag. Yep, it’s true: Brooklyn Heights teams with rats. Rats on the Promenade–in the foliage and around the garbage cans; rats in the parks; rats on the subway tracks. Rats, rats, rats. It’s the tourists; it’s the restaurants; it’s the residents. If ratty little rats rattily ratting around creep you out, then “Ruh-roh Raggy!” and away with ya.

  • Andrew Porter

    David, is that why you really wanted me to see the film “Ratatouille”?

  • Knight

    @me: if I decide to send my kids to night school (as opposed to Knight school), that will certainly be a consideration. Thanks.

  • Monty

    Are the rats not entitled to a decent education too?