Downtown’s Adams Street ‘Restaurant Row’ Launches With Panera Bread; 2 More To Come

The Panera Bread sandwich chain, which made its NYC foray last spring, is at last putting finishing touches on its Downtown Brooklyn outlet at 345 Adams Street. The deal was first announced in December 2010. Signage has appeared at the space with “Coming Soon” posters lining the windows, near the Brooklyn Marriott steps from Brooklyn Heights.

Crain’s New York Business reported back in December that two other restaurants will soon be joining Panera on Adams Street in what is being deemed a mini “Restaurant Row”: Sugar and Plumm, a combination restaurant, ice cream parlor and chocolate retailer; and American BBQ and Beer Co., both developed by Sugar and Plumm Co., with Mark Advent, creator of Las Vegas’ New York, New York hotel and casino. Those two ventures are slated to open in the fall.

Crains says the eateries signed a 20-year lease to occupy a total of 11,012 square feet in the building around the corner from Fulton Mall, just by the upcoming Willoughby Street pedestrian plaza, and the new Shake Shack. Construction on both restaurants, located side by side, begins in March.

“We looked at the market carefully and decided Brooklyn was the perfect location to expand Sugar and Plumm and to launch American BBQ and Beer Co. We strongly believe Brooklyn is the place to be,” Lamia Jacobs, president/CEO of Sugar and Plumm told Crains. “Its people and the city’s commitment to elevating its entertainment experience make Brooklyn an ideal destination for us.”

Meanwhile, Panera currently has about 1,400 locations nationwide. Its first in New York opened last spring at 330 Seventh Ave. between West 29th and 30th streets in the Fashion Institute of Technology neighborhood.

(Photo: Brownstoner)

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  • Arch Stanton
  • PJL

    Do we have a local charming, family-run bakery that has been a fixture of the community?

    In any event, these restaurants are a nice option/better than what’s there….

  • Andrew Porter

    PJL: We used to. There was an Entenmann’s outlet store on the south side of Montague, now a real estate office, and there was an excellent bakery on the west side of Henry, just north of Montague, which is now part of the women’s store on the corner. There was also, briefly, a small baker on Henry under the St. George canopy at the entrance to the subway arcade, but the owner went back to Israel during, I believe, the 7-day-war, and never returned.

    There is excellent hot, fresh bread to be had at Sahadi’s, on Atlantic Ave.

  • Master Of Middagh

    These places sound gross. They’ll fit the Downtown neighborhood quite well…

  • Gerry

    The Panera Bread, etc. will go the way of Au Bon Pain, etc. that was in MetroTech Commons when One MetroTech Center opened

  • Luke C

    Oh boy! Panera! It’ll be like having airport terminal food right here in Brooklyn! I suppose anyone who’s choosing to stay at the Marriott instead of Aloft or Nu would prefer the bland conformity of Panera.

  • RF

    Andrew Porter, it was an Ebinger’s on the south side of Montague, and don’t forget Sinclair’s, which was on the SW corner of Montague & Henry (also a realtor now.)

  • Master Of Middagh

    @Luke C- LOL! You know, embedded comments didn’t work out for this site, but comments like that make me so wish we had a “like” button…

  • Monty

    TGIF already came and went, didn’t it? There’s nothing wrong with chains if they are good. i like Chipotle and I like Panera. They compliment the neighborhood (even if Panera isn’t quite in this neighborhood). I patronize Starbucks and I patronize Tazza.

  • BH’er

    So tragic, before you know it, we’ll have Taco Bell, a Pizza Hut, Outback and a Red Lobster.

    I’ll stick with Lassen and Hastings and our other fine, local shops.

    But good luck!