The Heights: Hillbilly Heaven Or Hoodlum Haven?

BHB follower Vanessa shares that she noticed a vehicle on State Street between Sydney Place and Henry Street jacked up on cinder blocks with all four tires removed. Is this a case of theft (call 911!) or a resident confusing the Heights with the Alabama backwoods (call 311!)?

(Photo is not of the actual car on State)

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  • Dave

    Maybe you should call 411 for more information.

  • Gerry

    This type of crime happens periodically in Brooklyn Heights it seems like every now and bunch of cars are targeted for a few weeks then it stops.

  • Luke C

    bad street art? maybe tomorrow we’ll find it yarn-bombed.

  • GHB

    Doesn’t look exactly like the kind of vehicle that would attract these thieves, unlike that Range Rover on Montague Terrace last year…

  • PromGal

    It seems regional prejudice and bigoted ignorant remarks about Alabama and the rural South are politically correct, and therefore, in your elitist minds, acceptable.

  • Knight

    @PromGal: I kinda bristled at the remark myself initially. But Southern comedians like Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy have worked hard (and mostly succeeded) to make those types of “bigoted ignorant remarks” acceptable to mainstream America, not just elitist minds.

  • David B.

    do people in Alabama put volvos on blocks? (I think Foxworthy, et al, are laughing with, not at.)

  • Ben Stein

    Just passed a car on the north side of Smith between Sidney and Clinton. Up on cinder blocks missing the street side rims. Lugs were left behind.

  • Ben Stein

    OOOPS.. I guess it’s the same car. The one I saw was only missing the 2 rims on the street side though.

  • GHB

    Uh, that’s no Volvo

  • Ben Stein

    A picture of the cannibalized vehicle.

  • my2cents

    I think cars on blocks is more associated with New York than with the South, my friend.

  • Christie

    My car got two wheels jacked on Friday or Saturday night. State bet. Sidney and Clinton. I started looking for a monthly spot yesterday. Previously I’ve had my window smashed open but there isn’t much to steal in my Ford.I’ve also fairly recently been the victim of an attempted mugging on jorelamon, punk kids probably leaving the movie theather on Court. I was with my dog, had my Pj pants on and was taking a quick trip around the block but these idiots thought I had something for them. Not 5 days ago I walked outside to find 3 guys sitting on my stoop smoking a blunt and brownbagging at 12:30 PM. Lol
    I love BK Heights but being so close to downtown is wearing o
    me. I hope the animals that did this get caught.

  • Arch Stanton

    Looks like someone is restoring an old Volvo or Benz, not a crime.

  • Cat

    Maybe it’s not helpful to post a pic that isn’t the actual car being reported. Seems to confuse more than help. We park on State bet. Sidney and Clinton all the time. Damn.

  • David on Middagh

    Arch, Cat,

    Hard to find the perfect illustration? Maybe an artistic someone could draw a little whatchamacallit for this type of story, like at the Brooklyn Paper.

    Instead of the “Meadows of Shame” crying squirrel, we’d could have 1BBP Vanessa swooning on the street corner, back of hand to forehead (“Brooklyn Depths”).

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