Verizon FiOS finally coming to the Heights?

Verizon’s fiber-optic network providing higher speed internet and TV service has been slowly making its way to New York City, but has shown no sign of arriving in Brooklyn Heights — until now. Yesterday, selected houses were left with notices requesting backyard access for Verizon crews to install new telephone polls and replace the existing copper wires with new fiber optic lines and house terminals (previous discussions with repair technicians elicited information that the street lines are already in place, but limited access to the backyard poles has delayed a service rollout). Hopefuly some healthy competition with Time Warner Cable will be available in the near future.

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  • Paz

    It’s been available, at least for specific buildings, in the Heights – I love on Monroe Place and we’ve had FiOS for about a year. Calling to cancel TWC was one of the most satisfying consumer experiences I’ve ever had.

  • Paz

    er, *live* (well, love, too, I suppose)

  • Knight

    Paz: my father-in-law lives in Jackson Heights, Queens, not far from TWC’s station there by the BQE. He actually returned his cable boxes and remotes to them in person. I think he grinned for a week straight after that. I can’t wait!!

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    We’ve had FIOS for over a year now and we love it. I have never once had to call them because of a problem trying to view a movie on pay-per-view. I used to call TWC with complaints all the time.

  • David on Middagh

    Finally we’ll have the Internet speed that citizens of other countries have been enjoying for years, and at only a fraction of the cost!

    Oh, wait…

  • Lori W

    Getting FIOS would be an early birthday present! I have had the most horrific experience with TWC and am finally just fed up with them.

  • fios

    I had the pleasure of playing around with Fios at a friends house over the weekend. I do not know what the hype is about, but I am certainly not going to switch to Fios and give up TWC. Maybe there are different levels of services available, but from my point of view Fios just didnt cut it.

  • Flashlight Worthy

    1. Can anyone tell me what kind of download speeds they’re seeing with Fios? You can measure your speed with this site:

    2. I live on Grace Court Alley — frequently one of the very last streets to get ANYTHING — and the FIOS sub-contractor was here last week talking to all the homeowners about getting access to install FIOS… so it looks like they’re pretty serious about hitting each and every street.

  • Nick BC

    I’m on Grace Court, and we’ve had FIOS for about a year now. The internet speed is light years ahead of Time Warner–and we never lose connectivity. I have to admit that I do miss NY1 news–FIOS has a lame, low budget, Long Island-focused news channel as a sad alternative–but other than that, you are going to love FIOS.

  • Jared

    Not to mention TWC subscribers cannot watch ANY New York local sports. I am on Clark and knowing how my building is run, we are never going to get FiOS.

  • stuart

    we have had FIOS in my heights building for over a year. You’re kidding yourselves thinking it is that different from TW.

  • Still here

    I, for one, am not kidding myself into thinking its different from TWC. After 6 months there is absolutely no comparison – based upon picture quality, performance, programming, and cost. We’re a 3 box, one DVR, single line phone and internet household. Fully loaded I save $100 a month compared to TWC – and that includes all premium channels, not the three that I had before. The reception has no pixilation, no muted sound, no lip synch issues, no outages and it reboots in minute (needed to do this twice in 6 months. The internet speed went from 5 mps to 30 mbs – a screamer. Menu navigation is a mixture of mostly good and some bad features. NY1 is just a memory.

  • Josh Goodman

    I have been pursuing them for months.. they keep pushing back their date to complete a site survey. So frustrating!

  • PJL

    I second Still Here’s sentiments after 2+ years or so. TWC and their ‘service’ was/is terrible in comparison to FIOS (with the exception of NY1).

  • David G.

    I have Fios and I’ve never had a single problem. Not only are my download speeds fast (I just tested it at 13.5 mbps.) it’s worked consistently and I’ve never had to call them since the installation 1.5 years ago. Did I mention it’s cheaper?

  • Chris

    We’ve had FIOS for a while (years) in our apartment on Adams Street in Concord Village, and love it.

  • Josh G

    @David G – stop rubbing it in! :)

  • dean collins

    For those of you with Fios have you had any issues with ports being blocked?

    I understand that in the T&C verizon state they do not allow you to run servers from a residential fios connection, eg no raw internet access to allow you to vpn to your home files while on the road etc.

    any comments? anyone running a personal exchange server or a iis server from their home fios account lie i can here on my TW service?

  • mariong

    I am on 2nd St. in Park Slope in a new building. After 13 months of emails and phone conversations fiber optic was brought into our block a week ago. We should have service real soon. I checked prices with a rep and should save about $85 from my current bill. Bye bye Time Warner.

  • Lou Klepner

    @Dean Port 80 inbound is blocked on residential Fios connections. Commercial service is unblocked and has the option of multiple IP addresses. Its possible to get commercial service in a residential building though the last time I tried it took me six months to get to the right person to ok it.

  • Lori W

    live on joralemon and henry…praying FIOS comes soon!

  • Andrew

    I don’t have an open web server on Fios, but I do remote desktop into my computer at home, with no problems. Speeds are between 20 mb/second (on wireless) and closer to 25 on ethernet.

    The picture quality using the same Tivo is noticeably better on Fios. The biggestdrawback to Fios (no MSG in HD) has been resolved (thanks to the FCC). The only advantage that TWC has is NY1, which they don’t sell to Verizon.

    And billing with VZ is so much better than TWC. Instead of being nickle-and-dimed for CableCard and bits and pieces of service, I’ve been saving a significant amount of money each money over TWC and that’s with premium channels and significantly faster internet service. Plus, I love being able to keep up with my cousin’s high school sporting achievements in Albuquerque.