ODB Helps Brigate Bocce Keep Perfect Record


Brigate Bocce fielded it's strongest effort yet but still fell short against Old Dirty Barristers (7-3, 7-3) in Week 3 of bocce competition at Floyd NY.  The team's winless streak remained intact.

Coming out strong against ODB was BHB's saucy food critic Mrs. Fink, who scored the majority of the team's points. 

"Good morning heartache," team capo Homer Fink said after the match. Fink then burst out into Italian, yelping an old proverb. "È migliore essere un mouse nella bocca del gatto che un uomo in mani dell'avvocato!"

Next week Homer Fink's Brigate Bocce face Do These Droids Speak Bocce. Fink tells us, "Let's hope these are the droids we're looking for." 

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