Talent Agency Wants Your Cute Brooklyn Heights Kid To Model

Editor’s note: We are doing further investigation on this developing story. As with any modeling agency, we strongly suggest interested parties do their due diligence before making any agreement. In general, if a talent agency is asking you to pay them, find another talent agency.

Apparently, Brooklyn Heights has a reputation for comely kids. Why, yours is certainly cute. Have you ever thought of making a buck or two from his handsome little mug? Now’s your chance. A talent agent is searching for a boy 10-12 years old specifically in the Heights to model for an independent jeans designer’s video look-book.
The shoot will take four hours, in the neighborhood, scheduled in early February to accommodate the family’s schedule. “A small monetary stipend will be provided,” according to ExploreTalent.com, which put out the casting call.

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  • bornhere

    My Brooklyn Heights kid is well past 10-12 years of age, but even if he were “age appropriate,” I think I’d find something creepy about this whole thing (and about exploretalent.com). I’m not sure why this post is even on the BHB …..

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    A talent agency is looking for cute kids in the Heights. Why not post that info here?

  • WillowtownCop

    If nothing else, that doll head is certainly creepy.

    Why just look in one neighborhood? Is that a code for who they’re looking for? Are kids from Red Hook not the right profile of who they are trying to sell the no doubt ridiculously overpriced jeans to?

  • Heightsguy

    So they want a WASPy , Upper Middle Class and Caucasian kid? That is the implication of limiting the models to the Heights. As a Caucasian myself, I find that sort of embarrassing and unfortunate.

  • Knight

    Nobody said it would be the only kid in the ad. Maybe they’re recruiting in Bushwick & Chinatown, too.

  • stuart

    I have to second the creepy motion.

  • AEB

    Will the parents get the child back? It doesn’t say.

  • AmyinBH

    Vanessa and Stephen are having a child drawn special for the occassion.

  • David on Middagh

    AEB, you cracked me up.

  • AEB

    Doing my best, David, doing me best….

  • Heightsguy

    I went to the site and there are multiple listings for photo shoots, the only neighborhood mentioned is Brooklyn Heights., There are also “figure model” shoots @ $40.00/hour. Don’t have a good feeling about this at ALL. Anyone who sends their kids picture in is an idiot.

  • AL

    Chuck, Did you do any research on ExploreTalent.com? Google the site and Dwight Agnor for some interesting reading.

    AEB, thanks for the laugh.

  • Master Of Middagh

    My goodness! I’m really surprised this was posted, considering the circumstances. This isn’t like a casting call for some print or television advertisement. This is for “an independent jeans designer’s video look-book.” So… this is for some private, anonymous guy (I’m willing to guess that’s the gender) to put in his personal collection? That is BEYOND creepy.

    Parents- if you don’t know better than to not send pictures of your underage sons in tight jeans to strangers then, you know what? Just send the kid along with the pictures right to this predator, because you’re really no kind of parent…

  • Master Of Middagh

    Thanks to Al’s remark, I decided to look up Dwight Agnor for myself. And it appears as though he’s more the scam artist sort of danger as opposed to the child rapist sort of danger: http://www.thismustbeheard.com/tag/dwight-agnor

  • AL

    Chuck, Willow St. Neighbor – Read more about Dwight Agnor and tell me you still think the post appropriate:


    Homer, hard to understand how the post made it in the first place and hasn’t since been taken down.

  • theda

    Okay, I have to respond to this because it’s just a really weird interpretation of the ad. They mean the shoot is to take place in Brooklyn Heights. The kid can be from anywhere. Race and class were not specified.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Whether the post was appropriate or not is not up to me.
    Each individual must make the choice of whether or not they want to contact such agency and whether or not they want their children involved. I, for one, would never be contacting that agency or any other as exploiting my children was not something I would ever do. I cannot watch reality shows that show children being exploited by their “stage moms”.
    If as you say the whole thing is a scam, then the post should be taken down and I have read a few things on the internet with regard to this agency and it appears to me that it is a scam.

  • David on Middagh

    I just followed MoM’s link to “thismustbeheard” and read what I found there. I wouldn’t participate in any project linked to that Dwight Agnor fellow.