NYTimes looks at Appellate Division on Monroe Place

Recently, the NYTimes offered a superficial and frustrating article entitled: “A Judgeship With Prestige, and, Oh, What a Grand Room“.  The article fails to include any significant historical or architectural information about this building.  On the bright side, at least the St. Ann’s “smoking lounge” didn’t get included in the photo. 

The article did however emphasize the luxurious chambers of the presiding Justice and the extreme competition for being selected to fill the upcoming vacancy.

According to the NYTimes: “Judges say there is such a backstabbing competition to get the attention of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who is expected to fill the vacant position by spring, that fully half of the court’s 19 judges have applied for the job.”






On a personal note, it was almost exactly 18 years ago today, that I was sworn into the New York State Bar on a very snowy January morning.  At least there is now a permanently installed ramp, which they didn’t have back then!

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  • lois

    January 19th’s BHB has an article by Chuck Taylor referencing Brownstoner’s article on 45 Monroe Place, which includes some history of the actual building. There were several replies following the article, including comments from some other people who were sworn in there.

  • http://www.tksmall.com TK Small

    Definitely bad blogging on my part. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. By way of explanation for my oversight, I had a death in the family which has been a challenging experience. If there are others who are similarly missed the January 19 posting, here is the link:


  • stuart

    My sympathies for your loss.
    He was a well loved man.

  • T.K. Small

    Thank you. He was a great guy.

  • BH’er

    TK – my condolences for your loss

    As for the digs above – not bad