Baluchi’s Indian Restaurant Cooking On Henry Street

And that makes three. Baluchi’s Indian restaurant is preparing to open its 10th NYC location, in Brooklyn Heights, at the north end of Henry Street near Cranberry Street.

McBrooklyn shares that it joins Gandhi Palace on Montague (which replaced Amin) and Curry Heights on Remsen.

There are nine Baluchi’s throughout New York City, including Soho, the Financial District, East Village and Park Avenue. This is its second Brooklyn location, joining 310 Fifth Avenue in Park Slope.

The discussion is already hopping on today’s Open Thread Wednesday here. (Photo: McBrooklyn)

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  • Heightser

    Something good for a change! Yeah!

  • Andrew

    Baluchi’s is definitely not the best Indian food in New York City, but it is good.

  • AEB

    Wow! Didn’t know they had nine others in the Heights. Where HAVE I been?

  • AEB

    It will be better than any other Indian restaurant in the Heights. Let’s leave it at that.

  • Flashlight Worthy

    AEB, not 9 more in the Heights — 9 more in NYC. And personally, while I think Baluchi’s is… okay, I think Curry Heights on Remsen is much better.

  • AEB

    Oh, Flashlight, I was just joshin’ on the original copy atop. (Now I feel guilty about being a smartazz. Again.)

  • Monty

    When Curry Heights was Curry Leaf, two owners ago, it was downright great. Maybe the best I’ve ever had. Curry Heights is ok, same with Gandhi. Baluchis is generally quite good and dependable. If I recall correctly, there used to be one on Smith St in Carroll Gardens that shut a few years ago. I think they should do pretty well in BH.

  • Quinn Raymond

    I’ve been to India four times and Curry Heights is excellent by NYC standards.

    Try their Paneer Bhurji, it’s wonderful.

  • Steve R.

    I’d really like to agree that any of the places in Bklyn Heights have been, or are, any good. However, last week I broke down and ordered in from Curry Heights and admit that I’ve done it once before (when they 1st opened) without liking it much. I’ll just say it was not good and leave it at that. Thin, almost tasteless, sauces covering substandard main ingredients. Just like I’ve felt when eating at Amin, Curry Leaf or any of the others that we’ve had here. Then, over the weekend, I ate a very nice dinner at the moderately priced Dhaba (on Lex off E.27th in Manhattan) and it reinforced my opinion that these Bklyn Hts. places bear as much resemblence to decent Indian food as McDonalds does to a good Waterfront Ale House burger or Fortune House does to NY Noodletown in Chinatown. Yes, Baluchi’s will probably be better, and I’ve eaten at various locations of their chain in the past (E.6th St in Manhattan and the one that was on Smith St.). But I advise local readers not to get your hopes up, as better does not mean very good. For that, we’ll still need to travel. Oh well.

  • Quinn Raymond

    It may be that you ordered the wrong dish from Curry Heights. Remember that there are countless styles of Indian cuisine, each place will have it’s own specialties.

    I do wish there was a place in the neighborhood that made Kati Rolls though.

  • GHB

    Jeezus Steve… can’t you give the place a chance? Many of us like Curry Heights, and many look forward to Baluchi’s. I’ll decide for myself what’s good.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    The best Indian food is to be found on East 58th between 2nd and 3rd. There are several Indian restaurants on this block, all impressive, though my particular favorite is called Dawut.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    My favorite Indian restaurants are Chola, E. 50’s,
    Salaam Bombay, Greenwich St., Utsav, near Rock Center.
    I look forward to a Baluchi opening up nearby.
    My husband traveled to Mumbai on business and got deathly ill from the food (5 star hotel/restaurant) and he has sworn off Indian food for the moment. I will gladly eat it myself from a place like Baluchi that gets a decent rating from Zagats.
    I do recall eating at Curry Leaf a few times and enjoying the buffet.

  • David on Middagh

    Sometimes you find Indian food at the Garden of Eden hot bar. I wonder if they have a deal with Curry Heights?

  • AnnieOakley


  • Knight

    A deal? Do you mean that they get Curry Heights’ leftovers to reheat the next day? City Harvest would be upset!

  • WillowtownCop

    Dhaba on 28th and Lex is the best.

  • David on Middagh

    Lover asked: “Is there any Indian in Dumbo now?”

    This reminds me of a joke. A tourist–a rancher from Wyoming–is exploring the alleys of an old industrial part of Brooklyn. Suddenly, he feels a gun pressing the back of his head and hears a voice ask, “So what are you, native New Yorker, or Yuppie-scum gentrifier?”

    The visitor replies, “Neither! I’m a cowboy from Wyoming.”

    At which the gunman laughs and says, “I must be the luckiest Indian in all of Brooklyn!”

  • Knight

    Works better than the luckiest Palestinian in Dublin, David!

  • nabeguy

    Will they be doing take-out…curry in a hurry?

  • Ahsan Farooqi

    I have tried three Baluchi’s and I must say, I was very disappointed each time. I just wish they would stop trying to westernize Indian/Pakistani dishes. The last time i tried Baluchi’s was on Spring Street in 2008. I sincerely hope their food has improved. I look forward to trying the new one in Brooklyn Heights. I am not too keen on the ones that are there either, enough said…..

  • Andrew Porter

    Now you owe royalties to WillowtownCop!

  • Andrew Porter

    At first I thought Balducci’s was coming to BH, sigh…

  • maria

    I was afraid because its a chain…but I saw them having puja there today so maybe they do care about each one.

  • David on Middagh

    Andy: Parody! Fair use! Prior art!

  • Banville

    Baluchis on Spring St in Soho was closed by the board of health last year.

  • Matt

    Brooklyn Heights – so much money, so little taste.

  • Heightsguy

    Great Indian food just off Journal Square on Newark Avenue, in JC,much easier to get to than Jackson Heights, the center of Indian food in NYC. A few good places in “curry hill” Lexington and 28/29th St. Problem is when Pakistanis own Indian restaurants it isn’t so authentic. And I fear Baluchi is one of these, because I recall two Pakistani restaurants of that name in the Pakistani community in Brooklyn, I believe on Coney Island Avenue. Also the entire E. 6th St. cheapo Indian places are all owned byPakistanis from the cityof Sylhet. I’ll be happy if there are regional cuisines like South Indian on the menu, but I’ll not hold my breath.

  • jill

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