Fish, Sleep Open at BHC

Gina Gershon and Matthew Modine star in Kettle of Fish (trailer) rated R, a film about a "lifelong bachelor" subleting his apartment to a "fetching" biologist.

1572.jpgLou Lumenick writes in the New York Post: Played as a cross between Liz Hurley, Jerry Lewis and Cary Grant in "Bringing Up Baby" – complete with a search for a missing frog – Gershon's hilarious performance as Ginger considerably freshens up the proceedings. Claudia Myers, who has previously directed shorts, has a great eye for well-chosen New York locations, and her heart's in the right place. But the film's leisurely pacing – and Modine's overly laid-back work – leave something to be desired. "Kettle of Fish" may never come to a boil, but thanks to Gershon, it's a slightly better than average date movie.

The characters in a man's dreams hold him captive in sleep for fear that if he wakes, they'll die in The Science of Sleep (trailer), rated R. The film is directed by Michel Gondry and stars Gael García Bernal.

PH2006092101796.jpgAnthony Lane writes in the New Yorker: Of the many things not to expect from Michel Gondry—the man behind “Human Nature” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”—the most obvious is a clear linear narrative. Given that he is unable, or at any rate fiercely unwilling, to tell a story straight, one wonders how the director copes with the rest of life. How on earth does he make a cup of coffee? Does he grind the water, boil the beans, and gently spew the whole thing back into the pot?

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