Brooklyn Heights Artist & Gardener Ford Rogers Displays Paintings At Noodle Pudding

Brooklyn Heights-based artist, gardener, musician, author, sculpturist and overall creative guru Ford Rogers is whetting the artistic appetites of visitors at popular Italian eatery Noodle Pudding—at 38 Henry Street—with a dozen of his original paintings on display through February.

Rogers is well known in the neighborhood for designing the one-acre Bridge Harbor Heights Garden on Poplar Street between Hicks and Henry, home to 300+ plant varieties, which he designed nearly 20 years ago. Ford received the Brooklyn Heights Association’s Community Service Award for his horticultural efforts. His work was featured on the Brooklyn Heights Blog in July 2009.

Meanwhile, his artwork and sculptures have been displayed in NYC, Orlando, Nashville and Providence, R.I., while the New York Salmagundi Club honored Rogers for his acrylic-on-wood sculptures. Add to that his series of voodoo-inspired dolls and decorative items, including furniture, lamps and computer equipment. His works are heralded in private collections throughout North America and Europe.

As if that’s not enough, Rogers has also published three cookbooks: on citrus, nuts and olives. And overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge, he has a studio where he produces music, which has been used in a Dutch film and in a number of gallery installations.

Among Rogers’ works on display at Noodle Pudding are internationally inspired “Lima Fruit Vendor,” “Iceland Kirkja,” “Iceland Farm” and images of Svartifoss and Reykjavik in Iceland.

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  • John Dog

    fyi: Rogers’ art was also featured and quite favorably reviewed —
    in “The Surrealist Next Door” exhibition at Wm Turner gallery in Atlanta in 2010.

  • Rachel A

    Ford Rogers artistic range is so wide that he defies classification. His work is thought provoking and deserves wider attention.

  • Master Of Middagh

    Those really are some excellent paintings!

  • Bette Lawler

    Ford’s work is outstanding. As was stated above, his range is amazing and these pictures are wonderful. Glad he is getting some notice!

  • dave

    are they for sale