Montero’s Bar Matriarch Pilar Montero Dies At Age 90

The long-lived Montero’s Bar at 73 Atlantic Avenue announced on its Facebook page the passing of matriarch Pilar Montero, at the age of 90. She died Saturday night, January 14. Pilar and her husband, Joseph, opened Montero’s in 1947, which was once a haven for longshoremen and sailors. Today, it is beloved for karaoke, pool and its rustic knick-knack-packed ambiance. The New York Times said in a 1995 story that Pilar was born in New York’s West Village and first came to Brooklyn as a little girl on the ferry on which her father worked. You can post fond memories on Montero’s Facebook page here.

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  • nabeguy

    Montero’s has to be up there with Variety Mart as one of the oldest standing establishments in the nabe. My condolences to her family on their loss. She and her husband created a landmark both on Atlantic Avenue and in our hearts.

  • stuart

    Montero’s should be listed on the National Register of Historic Places right up there with Fraunces Tavern and Delmonicos.

  • Remsen

    My condolences to the Montero family

  • Ginny

    Our heartfelt condolences.

  • Bunty Brown

    I banged her last week & she still didn’t give me a free drink!

  • Gerry

    @ bunty, you “banged’ her last week? Mrs. Montero was still getting banged at her age?

    I declare!

  • princess

    LOL….Bunty…for shame. :)

  • bornhere

    Condolences to the family and loved ones of Pilar Montero, and cheers to her longevity and that of the bar.

    (Some of the comments here are despicable.)

  • Gerry

    @ bornhere I will agree that a few of the comments are interesting but dont shoot the messenger! I am happy that Pilar had a wonderful life.

  • mlo

    Actually Pilar was terrific for buying people drinks and for buying the bar entire bar rounds. That’s whatthe bell in the corner is for- when soemone buys the bar a round they ring the bell. Pilar would wave a couple of bills and tell her bartender – “hey do me a favor-ring that bell” and she would happily say- “yes give him one- and him too…”
    She was true to the old time way of doing things- when people sat together and chatted at the bar and bougnt one another drinks. If you knew her at all you would have known that.
    Didn’t anyone teach you that its nice to speak ill of the dead? Not that Pilar needs me or anyone else to fight her battles- she could make stew out of you before you felt the heat.
    Rest in Peace Pilar- and cheers!