How a Brooklyn Heights Kid Discovered The Who #Backintheday

Homer’s pal/Brooklyn Heights native/The Who’s #1 fan Binky Phillips writes in his HuffPo column today about how he discovered his favorite band while growing up in here in the 60s:

Huffington Post: One day, I, along with a few live-on-the-same-block pals, were hanging out on my stoop on a dull nothing-to-do overcast day. I became aware of an approaching presence across our sleepy street. I turned to see who was walking north and it was… A Rolling Stone!

There is no other way to put it. This tall thin translucently pale guy was wearing a radical rust colored suede sports coat, bright red wide-wale corduroy pants, a green and orange paisley shirt, actual black leather Beatle boots, not Flagg Brothers’ facsimiles in brown suede. But, it was his hair that just blew us all away. It was wavy strawberry blonde, pulled behind his ears, and down past his collar by at least 8 inches. Simply the longest hair we’d ever seen on a guy, longer than any of the current Brit rock stars even. Almost like a man with Rita Hayworth hair. Best of all, this guy actually looked like a cross between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (and The Move’s fabulous Ace Kefford!), the same cartoon pout and craggy cheekbones. We couldn’t believe our eyes, floored! Did a guy this radically world-class cool actually exist in Brooklyn Heights?!

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  • nabeguy

    Hey Binky, how’s it going? What was the first Who gig you saw? I only saw them once, but it was their first show in NY at one of those Murray the K Soul/R&B spectaculars (remember those?). The big names on the bill were Wilson Pickett and Mitch Ryder. When the Who started smashing their instruments after performing My Generation, there was a huge dumbfounded WTF? silence from the audience.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Saw them three times, my number one band back in high school. I even painted the back of my jacket “The Who” with a punk/brit theme .