Open Thread Wednesday 1/4/12

What’s on your mind.  Perhaps you’d like to …. comment away!


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  • travy

    complain away! :)

  • lori

    Today’s NYPost has more info on that shooting/car crash NYE. It was a passenger who shot a livery cab driver on arriving at 108 Willow Street, when the passenger said he had no money, pulled a revolver and shot the driver in the trachea. Gunman was caught and claimed it was an “accidental shooting”. Question: why was the gunman arriving at 108 Willow Street?

  • lois

    Question: Why don’t we have a mulchfest in Brooklyn Heights? Certainly there are enough trees being discarded here to warrant one. Just take a look around the neighborhood andI think we could find a good location here for a mulchfest.

  • north heights res

    Does anyone have any opinions on yoga classes at Eastern Athletic? I’m thinking about beginning yoga (never done it before) and I already belong to EAC, so I don’t want to add another expense by signing up for classes elsewhere. As I’m a complete beginning, my expectations are non-existent.


  • Matthew Parker

    The Brooklyn Courier has a brief article about the shooting on Willow St:

  • GHB

    Considering how rarely we see cops patrolling our neighborhood, I’m amazed at how quickly this perp was apprehended!

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    While I’ve never once seen a patrolman in the Heights in the short time I’ve ever lived here, perhaps the shooting will change that?

    @Lori, great question, which will probably go unanswered.

  • AmyinBH

    Spring Thyme Spa closed. I am very sad. I liked that place.

  • Pepper

    Does anyone know anything about George and Ray at Fridal Enterprises at 140 Remsen (close to Clinton). They have that large ground floor window with holiday decorations in it for every season. They are our management company and for some reason they will not give us their last names!! I will fire them once we get the majority in the building. But they are the absolutely worst management. Completely unprofessional and unhelpful. Anyone with insight – I would great appreciate it. Thank you!

  • Gianluca

    Maybe some movement on the old police department building on Poplar Street?

  • Marnia

    Here’s the blurb from the Post re: shooting:

    “A thug shot a livery cabdriver the neck in Brooklyn Heights, cops said yesterday.

    The bloodshed took place at 10:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve when the driver arrived at 108 Willow St. with passenger Marvin Lagos-Garcia, 19, sources said.

    At the destination, Lagos-Garcia said he had no money, then pulled a revolver and shot the driver in the trachea, sources said.
    The gunman was caught nearby, and cops recovered the revolver in a knapsack, police said.

    Lagos-Garcia reportedly claimed to cops that the gun accidentally discharged when the cabby skidded to a halt.
    Lagos-Garcia was charged with first-degree assault cops said.”

  • GHB

    First-degree assault? How about attempted murder!

  • Heights Mom

    Does anyone know what is going into the storefront(s) on Joralemon and Clinton? Now all boarded up, but I peeked inside as they were working and it seems they were making the several small stores into one big one. A Peas and PIckles perhaps?

  • Che

    I’ve been to several of the EA yoga classes (and a few of their other classes as well). I have enjoyed (almost) all of them, and think that they offer classes for a range of levels at convenient times. Peggy’s Wednesday night beginner’s class is fantastic! The one I didn’t like had everyone standing on their heads, and I realized 5 minutes into the class that I wasn’t ready to be there. The pilates classes make you hurt, but definitely make you feel like you got a real workout.

  • Heightsman

    Had Fascati’s last night: Fail.

  • north heights res

    Thanks, Che. Good to know, and will give it a shot.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    I Googled 140 Remsen and there is a Dalton Lawrence RL Estate at that address. Phone number 718 797-2800
    Give them a call and ask them the names of the two people you mentioned. Worth a try.

  • Henry T


    Ray Schultz.

  • Livingston

    @ North Heights Res:

    I concur w/ Che and highly recommend Peggy’s beginner class at EA. She’s really encouraging and you can work at your own pace — she even offers some alternatives if you are dealing with past injuries. Plus she makes it a fun, no-pressure environment.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Heightsman, you must have been desperate.

  • Joe from Grace

    @Heightsman, I still go in all the time, hoping for some of that old magic. Never comes close.

  • Bret Baier’s Hair

    Storefront at Clinton & Joralemon? Three words: Santorum campaign headquarters. Should be open and operational by mid-March, in time for the April 24 NY Primary. Not sure what will happen to the space after the November elections and his inauguration next January, but, for the time being, it will be the NY center for all things Santorum.

  • Teddy

    @Bret Baier’s Hair

    You have a link?

  • Heightsman

    I was able to get some Fascati’s magic back by ordering extra cheese made to order but last night’s deliver was like it was a totally different maker. Since when did they start throwing oregano on it?

  • Raisincat

    Looking to make a day trip this weekend out of the Heights. My friends and I brainstormed: Bear Mountain, Arthur Ave and Cloisters. Any suggestions?

  • Runner

    I am moving to Brooklyn Heights this month from Stuyvesant Town. I’m very excited. I am a runner and run every day. Weekdays, I get up early and run beginning at 5am. Right now I simply do laps around Stuy Town because it is fairly well lit, pretty safe and mostly protected from vehicle traffic. I’m wondering where I will run early mornings in Brooklyn Heights. I could run on the promenade, but I typically do 7-8 miles and that’s a lot of laps around the promenade! Brooklyn Bridge Park seems like a possibility but I’m not sure how well-lit or safe it is at 5am. Same thing with the Brooklyn Bridge at that hour. I’m wondering if there are any early morning runners out there who can recommend a neighborhood loop (1+ miles) that is safe and well-lit for running in the pre-dawn hours. Thanks!

  • Gerry

    @ Runner start on the Promenade at Remsen Street run down the Promenade to Cranberry Street through Cadman Plaza get onto the Brooklyn Bridge run across (watch out for bikes) the Bridge to City Hall and back to Remsen street it is about 5 miles well lit and safe you will find other runners and walkers at 5am.

    Welcome to Brooklyn Heights!

  • DrewB

    @ Raisincat – Two art focused trips
    Storm King Art Center – Great on a sunny crisp day
    DIA Beacon

  • Heightsman

    @Raisincat – save Cloister’s for the summer/spring. Place is fantastic when in bloom.

  • Peas and Pescatarians

    I moved to the Heights a few months ago from the East Village, and I’m really struggling with the fact that I haven’t found a decent place to buy fresh seafood in the neighborhood. Anybody got any suggestions that don’t include the crap shipped from China that they sell at Key Food/Gristedes and the prepackaged stuff at Trader Joe’s? Ideally the closer to North Heights the better.