Grimaldi’s Move Postponed

From our pals at DUMBONYC comes news regarding Grimaldi’s move to 1 Front Street:

DUMBONYC: Grimaldi’s move to 1 Front Street is delayed due to an untimely death in the family and the Department of Buildings has issued a stop-work order at the 1 Front Street location. According to the BOD website, the stop work order issued on 11/28/2011 is for “illegally installed coal burning oven @ 1st floor done w/o propper approvals & presents a potential danger to patrons”.

Russell Ciolli, son of Frank Ciolli, both owners of Grimaldi’s Pizza, died last Wednesday at 39. Our condolences go out to the Ciolli family.

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  • Pat B.

    So sorry to hear this. Our condolences to the family.

  • JustANeighbor

    Russell was a loving father and a friend to many, myself included. It’s going to be very hard going in there which I enjoy doing when I’m visiting the area, and not seeing his smile. Love and prayers to his family and employees.

  • PeterB

    So sorry to hear about this, my condolences.

    Regarding the move: I admit, despite the hoard of tourists, I have always LOVED Grimaldis (I have been there 4-5 times, each time was great).

    I recently ate at Grimaldis in Hoboken, and it was AWFUL. I mean BAD.

    I have heard the rumors that Grimaldis in Brooklyn is so good because of the original oven, and how they don’t make ovens like that anymore. I have no knowledge if this is true, but I can only base my opinion on that horrible tasting Hoboken pizza.

    Grimaldis, if you HAVE to move, please don’t change!

  • Monty

    It’s not a matter not making them like that anymore, it’s a matter of coal ovens being illegal. Hence the citation on his new location. Last I heard there were only a handful of coal ovens in the city that were grandfathered in and that coincides with the classic pizzerias: Grimaldis, Lombardis and Johns on Bleeker.

  • Andrew Porter

    If anyone has seen photos of NYC in the 1940s, they will have seen the amazing amount of smog caused by the thousands of homes and businesses heating with coal. Use of coal is closely regulated now.