Time Warp: New Patsy Grimaldi Pizzeria to Move into Grimaldi’s 19 Old Fulton Street Location

He tried to get out, but apparently Patsy Grimaldi is getting pulled back into the pizza business. As previously reported, the current tenant of 19 Old Fulton Street, Grimaldi’s Pizza, will be moving next door to 1 Front Street at the end of the month. They’re taking the name, but leaving the legendary coal oven. Grimaldi’s owner Frank Ciolli says he will ask the city to let him install a coal oven in the new location. Grimaldi will name his new place Juliana’s, after his late mother the paper says.

Which pizza pie will remain supreme?

NY Post: The pizza-slinger switcheroo came about after landlord Mark Waxman decided not to renew Ciolli’s lease for 19 Old Fulton St. The move came a year after Waxman tried to evict Ciolli for being delinquent in rent.

“A year after I sold Grimaldi’s, I was very sorry,” Grimaldi told The Post. “So when Mr. Waxman called me and asked if I wanted to come back, I thought I was dreaming. I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough.”
Grimaldi, who plans to open in March, said he’s spent the past 13 years traveling with Carol, his wife of 40 years.

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  • fulton ferry res

    Without a doubt, Patsy Grimaldi will reign supreme with the coal-fired oven. Best case scenario – tourists will continue to flock to Grimaldi’s, leaving Juliana’s to us locals.

  • Andrew

    When I heard that a new pizza tenant would be coming into the current Grimaldi’s space, I expected it to be the chain Patsy’s. But Patsy himself coming back with a new place? Encouraging. Hopefully excellent!

  • PromGirl

    Poetic justice? Environmental (sic) regulations will prevent the relocated GRIMALDI’S from installing a coal fire oven in the new location.
    How will the yuppies and the Green Police feel now that it affects their pizza?
    Putting people out of business, the NYC Nanny State way!

  • http://j lori

    Sure hope there won’t be any pizza wars down there.The confusing part is that Ciolli plans to open almost immediately at the Front Street address, but Patsy doesn’t plan to open til March, even tho everything is in place at 19 Old Fulton Street. The Guide Books will still list 19 Old Fulton for quite a while and it’s mostly tourists who wait on that long line down there.

  • Henerystreeter

    I say leave them both to the tourists, I’m very happy with the counter at fascati’s

  • Livingston

    Interesting update. Per the Post, Grimaldi’s owner has already installed a coal oven at the new address, without the benefit of the proper permits. City inspectors are not happy…the plot thickens.

  • Eric

    I hope one of these two pizza places will deliver. I love Fascati’s but it would be nice to have another option for delivery in the North Heights, especially on days that Fascati is closed – such as yesterday. Or is there already another non-chain pizza place that delivers here?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I’m curious how this will affect Ignacio’s on Water Street. Ouch. The world of dining is so risky for investment. I feel bad for him.

  • philica

    Hear, hear, Henrystreeter. Completely agree.

  • Livingston

    I enjoy Ignacio’s and will continue to frequent it. And it has the one thing that neither old nor new Gimaldi’s has: a stunning view of Manhattan. I always wait for a table by the window.

  • EHinBH

    Ignazios is great. The coal oven will be the best though.

  • shamrock

    I agree with Henerystreeter and philica, Fascati’s Pizza is a force to be reckoned with. The place is underrated; a hidden gem. Yes, I know there are the haters out there that say “it was better when the last generation ran the place etc……”, and “their pizza is too salty etc…..”, but Fascati’s has stood the test of time and served the Heights proudly. I’d be happy to see them get a fraction of the patrons that wait endlessly for Grimaldi’s.

  • carol

    The original Patsy’s made the pizza of your dreams. I’m delighted he’s coming back. I even followed him to Floyd Bennett Field.

  • PromGirl

    Fascati is a favorite if ours, but we never do delivery, always pick it up. Much better, not soggy. My only problem with Fascati is that they use industrial pizza cheese, not natural fresh mozzarella, for the classic Pizza Marguerita we prefer. The quality of the ingredients they use these days is far inferior to previous years.
    Personally, I don’t like the concept of delivery. Chinese or Thai food gets steamed, soggy, and overcooked in those containers. Dining in is always best, but picking it up yourself is a great improvement.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    Tried to call in an order to Fascati yesterday but no one answered the phone. I got voice mail. I called back thinking there was a mistake but got voice mail again. Decided to walk by the store.
    The store was closed but no sign indicating why.
    Anyone know what’s going on?

  • PJL

    Closed on Mondays….

  • resident

    It was Monday, they’re always closed on Mondays.

  • someone

    Anyone else noticed that Grimaldi’s is still where it is and that 1 Front has a stop work order due to illegal installation of a coal oven?

  • Knight

    PromGirl: I’m glad someone finally said it! Fascati’s ingredients have steadily gone down hill in the 10 years that I have been here, and about two years ago they stopped making calzones, sausage rolls, chicken rolls, and the like. My biggest disappointment with them, though, is that they are constantly burning the crust on their pizzas … especially if you order a slice with toppings and they have to reheat it. The reason that they have “stood the test of time”is that there really are no other options unless you order a chain store pizza.

  • hicks st guy

    Fascati’s is average pizza at best, anyone who thinks otherwise wouldn’t know good pizza if it bit them on the .. .do not confuse convenience with quality. I love Ignazio’s, owner is a great guy.