BHB Hosts Friends & Neighbors At Vineapple Mixer

Last night a bunch of Brooklynites gathered at Vineapple [71 Pineapple Street] to exchange good tidings for a Brooklyn Heights Blog mixer. Your host: Ed In Chief Homer Fink (in blue). Hot topic for the night: the breaking news about Watchtower buying rights to re-route the BQE through Clark Street, veering onto Hicks and under Willow, with a sky tower replacing most residences on Pierrepont. Wow! Sorry you missed out… (kidding, kidding).

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  • Perry Schaffer

    was nice to meet. is there a fb page for bhb? realize might cannabalize this but there pics could be tagged, etc and would be easy peasy to connect…just sayin…

  • Perry Schaffer
  • AEB

    OK, Powers That Be, please “tag” those in the photos so we can identify noms de blog with actual people….

  • Livingston

    Looks like a fun evening with the neighbors. But I hope everyone gets to keep their “nom de blog”. The anonymity is a key ingredient of the free exchange ideas/opinions that goes on here.

  • Homer Fink

    I would like to do a monthly mixer but I want to make it interesting. I have some ideas but before I unleash them on the world, I’d like your thoughts… so…. comment away!

  • happyneighbor

    It was nice to meet my fellow bloggers… and hope to meet others at future events. OK…so I hope you were kidding about the Watchtower’s intentions to plow through Clark, Hicks and Pierrepont Street!!!!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

  • princess

    David and I wanted to be there! Had a shoot that went on too long.
    Do another one soon!


  • Andrew Porter

    Sorry I couldn’t be there, but had a 7:15am train the next day to Toronto.