Mil’s Trills Returns: More Fun for Tots This Thursday at Vineapple

Mil’s Trills, local musician Amelia Robinson’s interactive music showcase for kids 0- 4 years of age, returns to Vineapple (71 Pineapple Street) this Thursday (11/10) at 3:30 pm.

No need for advance tickets, just show up at Vineapple on Thursday. Bring a blanket for your child to sit on and some shakers so they can play along. There’s a $15 suggested donation.

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  • Jorale-man

    I gotta say, I’m not one of these people who complains endlessly about strollers taking over restaurants in the Heights, but I was a little disappointed to show up at Vineapple on Sunday morning with my laptop in tow and finding it had been taken over by a couple dozen little kids celebrating someone’s birthday. The entire place was decorated and Cindy Lauper tunes were playing loudly. I couldn’t have stayed if I wanted to.

    Again, nothing against little kids, but I like the fact that Vineapple is a place to work or have a quiet conversation and when it suddenly becomes the next Moxie Spot it’s a little unnerving.

  • ak

    so you rent it out. put up or….

  • Jorale-man

    That would be the appropriate solution for the kids’ parties. Rent it out and close it to the public altogether. Don’t maintain a facade of being open for the public while not making it really accessible.