Howl-o-Ween Parade a Howling Success

The ninth annual Howl-o-Ween dog parade, sponsored by Perfect Paws, with after-party presented by Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group, took place today on the Promenade under sunny skies, though with a fall nip in the air.Over fifty contestants showed up in a great variety of costumes, including Wellington (photo), held by owner Stacey Mankoff, and dressed as Chef Cora of Iron Chef. More photos and a video after the jump.

Pan Am captain and cabin crew, ready for takeoff.

Moxie came as a groupie…

…and Lily as a punk rock star. These two should have gotten together.

BHB contributor Matthew (“Off with his head!” said the camera) Parker restrains “Napoleon” from attacking “Marie Antoinette.”

The 99% were represented…

…as were the 1%, both human…

…and canine.

A distinguished panel of judges considered each entrant carefully. And the first prize winner was…

…Matthew Parker’s “French Revolution” entry. Allons enfants…

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  • http://j lois

    Great pictures and great report of a wonderful but chaotic event.

  • Matthew Parker

    Fun time. A reminder that the charity raffle continues through this week. Stop by Perfect Paws at 102 Hicks St (corner Pineapple) to enter. All proceeds go to animal charities.

  • Livingston

    A really fun event. Loved seeing all the creativity on display.

  • Teddy

    That Pan Am stewardess is cute. Coffee, tea or a bone?

  • Eddyenergizer

    We had a great time (the couple with Ruby the “angel” golden retriever at the end of the video). All the dogs were winners because they were all so cute. The after party was pretty cool as well, good food and drink.