iPhone 4S Mania Hits Brooklyn Heights

The Wall Street Journal writes about today’s release of the iPhone 4S and the competition it’s stirring up amongst carriers. Where better than our own Montague Street for this drama to play out in real time:

WSJ: The carriers’ targets were people like Marques Sanders, a T-Mobile USA customer in New York City who was lined up outside a Sprint store in New York’s Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. But just before the 8 a.m. opening, Sprint store associates informed Mr. Sanders and about 10 other iPhone hopefuls waiting outside that the store wouldn’t have any of the handset’s latest models for sale to people who didn’t preorder.
The people waiting were redirected to a bigger Sprint store a few blocks away, where, less than an hour later, an employee broke the news to the roughly 30 people lined up that this store, too, had run out of the latest model, the iPhone 4S. Mr. Sanders and his sister Shentel ended up settling for the previous model, the iPhone 4.

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  • X

    Why would you settle for the old model .. Just wait a few more days

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I pre-paid for my 4S last week and walked into the ATT store on Montague yesterday at 3:00PM and was out in 15 minutes. No sweat.

  • AEB

    A sign of age, if not out-and-out dementia. I asked myself if I needed one. The answer was no. SO I ‘M NOT GETTING ONE!

    (My own small version of Occupy Wall Street.)

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    AEB, you are such a rebel.

  • AEB

    Can you dig it, Karl? (Apparently, you can.)

  • s