Holler and Squall Officially Open for Business at 119 Atlantic Avenue

Holler and Squall has now officially moved into the old Nova Zembla space at 119 Atlantic Avenue. The Brooklyn Bugle broke the news of the move in our profile of the eclectic furniture store in August.

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  • mrsdaley

    Best wishes for Zak, Gillette and Paul. We’ve been visiting (and buying) since they opened next door to Montero’s and hope they settle into their new space nicely. And as mentioned in the first article, we’re one of the taxidermy converts Zak speaks of. If you’ve never been to H&S I highly recommend a visit. Really great, non-pretentious stuff from people who like awesome old things. And they’re really nice too.

  • my2cents

    I am happy for them moving to a new space. But I have to say the old storefront was such a perfect match for the store’s aesthetic! It’s a shame they couldn’t stay there. But the new space gives them more space and more visibility. Hope they do well there!