Hanco’s Opening Sunday (9/11)

Hanco’s, the new Vietnamese sandwich shop has a sign up announcing it opening tomorrow, September 11. The menu will focus on Bánh mì sandwiches, Phở (noodle soup), rice or rice noodles with pork, chicken shrimp or tofu, and a range of bubble teas (tea with milk and tapioca). Hours will be 11:30 – 9 Mon-Sat and 11:30 – 8:30 on Sunday.

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  • Matthew Parker

    Wondering if my frequent Bubble Tea card from Bergen Street will be honored at this new location? I’m only two stamps away from a freebie.

  • Jorale-man

    Awesome news. Can’t wait to pick up a Vietnamese sandwich and one of those sweet coffees they make (will have to look into that card option too).

  • X

    Another meal Option

  • liam

    where is it ?

  • Jo

    north side of Montague, Henry/Clinton – between Sprint and Cafe Buon Gusto

  • http://www.teen-aged411.blogspot.com Nancy

    I’ll let everyone know. My son is over there now getting bubble tea!

  • http://www.teen-aged411.blogspot.com Nancy

    Having my honeydew bubble tea. Delicious. They have a special until Tuesday-free bubble tea with the purchase of a sandwich. No bubble ea card yet.

  • Jorale-man

    I just had lunch there and saw BHB correspondent Karl Junkersfeld arriving with video camera in tow. Expect a report from him shortly, I’m sure.

    My initial reaction: Nice space overall – much more room than the Carroll Gardens location, including a second floor area and some sidewalk seating (the squeaky front door needs oiled though). The service was definitely hectic and scattered, and it took a while to get my order. To be expected on opening day.

    The classic sandwich was up to their usual high standards though, as was the Vietnamese coffee. In all, a welcome addition to Montague Street.

  • Lou

    Opening day hiccups so far. Bubble tea delivered a good 20min before sandwiches were close to being ready. Disjointed ordering & pickup zones are annoying. If food ever get made I’ll let you know how it tastes.

  • http://www.grumpybert.com grumpy bert

    Definitely kinks in the first day. But it’s a beautiful space. My favorites are the Grilled Pork sandwich and the Summer Rolls. Great options if your a newbie to Vietnamese sandwiches.

  • http://loureads.com Lou

    Sandwich (grilled pork) was super delish. I really hope they can ramp up that food turn-around or work on getting stuff delivered together better. That being said its probably the most welcome new-comer in a long time. Perhaps it will finally banish the memory of the wretched Spicy Pickle…

  • DrewB

    Just back from lunch. They were swamped for sure, and it took a long time to get the sandwiches, but it was worth the wait. Had the classic sandwich. The bread was fantastic, the carrot and cabbage was bright and taste and the ground pork was wonderful. Looking forward to trying the Pho! A wonderful addition to the hood for sure!

  • Joe

    Still lots of kicks to work out. Our pho took a super long time and while the soup was flavorful the temperature was lukewarm and noodles clumpy. The biggest point of failure was the pickup area. The lady literally looked lost. Will go back in a week or so when things are more settled.

  • Joe

    ^ “Kinks”. Still gettting used to iPad keyboard.

  • monty

    Just had dinner from there. Some sandwiches, bun and summer rolls. Everything was pretty good, but not spectacular. That short-lived place on top of Andys was better, but this will do nicely.

  • Matthew Parker

    Disappointed. I may be trekking back to the Bergen Street location, but I’ll try Montague in another week or two just in case my experience was first day jitters.

    It would have been ok, had they not messed up my order (which they did, leaving me without one soup for one of the two pho orders).

    It would have been ok even though they list delivery on their menus that they don’t yet have delivery.

    It would have been ok that they don’t accept my Hanco’s frequent Bubble Tea card (happily stamped by the Bergen St. Hanco’s)

    What’s not ok is the bubble tea tastes like dishwater. A real shame, since IMHO the Bergen Street location serves the best in the City (including compared to Chinatown). It seems to be the same powder, just mixed with about 3x more water. Yuk. The tapioca balls were good.

    What’s not ok is the pho broth is uninspired. The chicken reminded me of a can of College Inn.

    What’s not ok is the noodles are indeed clumpy and clearly pre-packaged in a square and then dropped into the Styrofoam box.

    The pork for the soup was tasty and they take credit cards (which the Bergen Street location does not).

    I did not try the Bahn Mi, but will when I go back in a week or so with my fingers crossed.

    *heavy sign* Hopefully the owner will read this and get a few of his high quality people from the Bergen Street location over to Montague for some intense training. There’s clearly demand because the line was out the door.

  • Heightsguy

    Nobody remembered that this was the space for Mr. Souvlaki.

    It’s hard to compete with all the wonderful Vietnamese restaurants on Baxter St. like Nha Trang, and the great but little known ones in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

  • Joe

    monty–The place above Andy’s was Kim Paris and I loved that place. The pho & spring rolls were not only tastier but cheaper and more generous. Hanco’s $8plus pho was the size of Kim Paris’s small $5.99 bowl. But despite these quibbles, I welcome Hanco’s as a nice addition to Montague.

  • x

    I hope this sticks as another quick dinner takeout option besides Chipotle, and Five Guys (all other greasy chain fast food joints excluded)

  • mlo

    Kim Paris was a great place. i never got the scoop on why it closed but was dissapointed.

  • Joe

    mlo-I talked to one of the waitresses right before they closed and she said it was due to low sales. She mentioned the owner wanted to open a restaurant in Manhattan after closing Kim Paris but I don’t know if that happened or not.

  • Eddyenergizer

    mlo, miss Kim Paris no more, Hanco’s Rocks!

  • X

    Food still takes a bit of time, but if u r patient, it is worth the wait