Fortune House Fixin’ to Reopen

  • Well, it looks like Fortune House [82 Henry Street] is preparing to reopen soon. Their recent renovations seem to be finished. Anyone get a good look at their new decor?

    Update: According to the New York Post, Fortune House has new owners who have promised to pay their workers lawful wages.

    • AEB

      Well, as I wrote to Homer, kitsch does not begin to describe the new window-decor set piece, which incorporates a candle and plastic flowers, among other fine touches. All that’s missing is Bambi.

    • Knight

      That’s on the menu, AEB.

    • Buggs Bunny

      I thought Bambi was a waitress?

    • Sad Neighbor

      Anybody know when Hanco’s or the new Italian restaurant on Henry Street is supposed to open?

    • Eddyenergizer

      A bamboo Bambi…

    • AEB
    • Diane at Whitman

      Oddly enough, the food was good.

    • Call me Al

      Why does 86 State Street look so crappy?

    • Orange Oscar

      Ugh, too bad. I’m not sure what took a month or two to accomplish in there. I guess it takes that long when you “renovate” in the middle of the night.

    • nabeguy

      Alas, the broken sign remains. Didn’t they renovate like, what, 2 years ago?

    • EHinBH

      Nothing is renovated. Looks to me like same old rug, tables, chairs, lamps, register podium… Not positive, but from the windon it looks like all they did was take out the fish tank, put some junk in the window, and paint the front entry orange.

    • beth
    • David on Middagh

      The NY Post (beth’s link) says:

      “…the new owners had yet to decide whether to keep the eatery’s well-known name.”

      Nabeguy, this must be why they left the broken sign alone.

    • Luke C

      Overheard on Henry yesterday: Fortune House?! Oh, I thought it’s name was torture House.

    • AEB

      Well, well, well. At last the skinny–thanks, Beth.

      Was amused, nonetheless, by this from the article:

      “…New co-owner Han Dieb introduced himself on a recent visit by The Post. His management team, he said, is not affiliated with Shao or Yao — and will pay legal wages….”

      As opposed to continuing in the tradition of the former owners….

    • Heightsman

      Never liked the owners but the food was good. I knew they were shaddy…

    • Andrew Porter

      David on Middagh told me the place was open, so we agreed to meet there today to eat. But though the doors were open, it was otherwise deserted. I walked in and found a woman working in the kitchen who told me it will actually open in another two weeks.

    • Homer Fink

      @andrew – you guys are the woodward and bernstein of egg rolls!

    • EHinBH

      Han Dieb. Hmmm… Is that Chinese? Does it matter?

    • harumph

      So my son forced me to call Fortune House the other day (he loves this place) to see when they would reopen…the answer? “probably Wednesday or Thursday”…so we’ll see tomorrow or the next if they are up and running