CHA – More Fun than the BHA?

Cobble Hill Blog writes today about an awesome Potluck Dinner sponsored by the Cobble Hill Association next month.  “Summer travels are ending for some of us and beginning for others. The CHA Social Committee is getting ready to welcome everyone back to town in September by reviving a great neighborhood tradition: the Cobble Hill Park Potluck Dinner,” CHA prexy Jeff Strabone writes.  Does this mean that the CHA is more fun than our own BHA?

Read more and get the details at CHB.

(Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Strabone is Homer’s cousin… for real.)

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  • here since 89

    I am not sure that “fun” is really a word to describe the BHA or its even more self-important sister, the CHA.
    It is like saying the college of cardinals is “fun’. or the scottish presbytery is “fun”.
    we’re talking grim, dour, elder folks with gallstones, gout, and rheumatis. also axes to grind.
    it isn’t a beyonce concert, you know?