St. Ann’s School Founder, Stanley Bosworth Dies at 83

St. Ann’s School founder Stanley Bosworth has died at the age of 83, the Brooklyn Eagle reports.

Brooklyn Eagle: Unconventional and flamboyant — his controversial comments were mixed in with expositions in ancient Greek and in later years could be absolute doozies — Stanley Bosworth created Saint Ann’s as a dream school: a place where talented students would learn for the sake of the learning, without the pressure of grades. Saint Ann’s became famous for its educational richness and developed a reputation as a hotbed of artistic expression and individualism.

According to Saint Ann’s official history, Bosworth insisted from the beginning that the curriculum range over all the major “symbolic languages of the culture,” instead of just words and numbers. Actors, painters and musicians were hired, helping Saint Ann’s to gain its reputation as an “art school” and a “theater school.” Bosworth established an “extraordinary social atmosphere in which so many seemingly antagonistic sets of values coexist.”

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  • A Neighbor

    Unconventional, yes. He built an extraordinary school — on the simple idea that teachers should be able to engage kids by the excitement of learning rather than the threat of a bad report card. It may not work for everyone, but, when it does, it develops a life-long love of learning.

  • skunky

    it doesn’t work for everyone but parents sure like the fact that little Johnny or Janie isn’t a screw-up and doesn’t come home with a bad report card and ends up going to a good school. Stanley helped all the kids (or at least the ones he liked) write their college essays. In the early 1990s there were about two black kids in the entire high school. Sorta like the University of Kentucky in the 1950s.