Bark If You Like Hot Dogs

This just in: In addition to weekends, Bark Hot Dogs will now be available Thursdays at Pier 6.

Also, tonight’s film on Pier 1 will be Basquiat starring Jeffrey Wright, Claire Forlani and Christopher Walken.

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  • Rachel

    RE: Bark opening on Thursdays… Awesome!!!! I wish they were open every night. I love that place. Does this start today?

  • Adam

    I love the veggie dog…it’s incredible…How about though in addition to being open on Thursdays they open on Wednesday’s and give half off their over priced deliciousness?? Call a rent stabilized special?! No?

  • Heather Quinlan

    Yes it does start today and I hope they see @Adam’s suggestion!

  • Josh G

    Bark! (I like hot dogs)

  • Heather Quinlan

    Hot dog, we have a wiener! :)

  • Sam

    What time does it open on the weekdays?