Promenade Blocked, Cops Cite “Safety”

Police have blocked off the southern portion of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, from the Remsen Street entrance to just above the Montague Street entrance. I asked one of the policemen on the spot what was happening. He said he couldn’t tell me, but said I should move away for my “safety.” DEVELOPING.

UPDATE: The Promenade is now open, and the police have left. Still no explanation.

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  • T.K. Small


  • Heather Quinlan

    Well, whatever went down is over, the entrance is now clear.

  • Matthew Parker

    I was just there at 8:30am walking the dog and didn’t see any of this. Must be all clear. It was just the usual morning Parks Dept clean-up crew tidying up.

  • Claude Scales

    Matthew: are you sure it was just routinr clean-up? I’ve never seen police blocking the Promenade for this before. Also, why would the cop say he couldn’t disclose the reason if it was just something routine?

  • Big Dave

    At about 7:40 am a police car followed by a “Paddy Wagon”[?] went racing down Montague towards the Promenade. I was near Court Street so don’t know whether this is connected…

  • Billy Reno

    The Academy should teach a course on how to be more vague with the public.

  • nabeguy

    Two possibilities come to mind: either it was a smoker, or a dog-walker without a bag.

  • Rachel

    This has happened before when there was a suspicious package near the Pineapple St. entrance. The police wouldn’t tell me what happened, but a fireman told me.

  • harumph

    yes, and clearly NYPD are on heightened alert – I noticed them checking my train this morning on several platforms

  • RemsenGal

    This morning I left the house at 7:30am and saw that “paddy wagon” business at the very end of Remsen Street in the turnaround. No idea what was going on, but they also had a policeman redirecting traffic away from the turnaround…

    I also noticed a number of uniformed folks in the Borough Hall station and in GCT this morning during my commute.

    Not real sure what the deal-yo is/was!

  • Bongo

    How is easy it is to misread “uniformed” as “uninformed”. So similar in appearance and often in meaning.

  • AnnieOakley

    At about 8:15a.m. I saw a policeman walking towards the near car in the photo in one of those greenish bomb squad suits. I assumed it was a suspicious package. You know, which would make it different from most of the ‘packages’ left overnight… empty beer & alcohol containers from the folks that reside on the Promenade late night. That “safety” recommendation was taken with a grain of salt by some, as there was a woman reading the paper about 15 feet from the police car.

  • LeslieH

    There were 3 firetrucks lined up on Henry St bw Pierrepont and Clarke at about 8:30 this morn. I checked this site to try to find out the scoop — wonder if it was related to the Promonade situ?

  • Jorale-man

    If it was anything major it would appear on a police blotter. I checked Gothamist’s newsmap and there wasn’t anything reported.

    With any luck maybe the cops picked up some of the garbage that the late-night interlopers leave on the promenade.

  • Maggie

    I think all the security is related to the Norway shootings and bombing. They mentioned it on the news this morning, and I noticed increased police presence in the subways and around Midtown.

  • Henry

    That’s interesting. Last year, my wife and I were walking on the promenade when we spotted an abandoned backpack on one of the benches. It took 5 phone calls and almost 2 hours before we could find a police officer who was willing to do anything about it, and that was only because we found a foot patrol and insisted they check it out. Not a single officer responded to our calls (311, 911, local precinct) If you see something say something, sure, just don’t expect them to actually do anything about it.

  • North heights res

    Jorale-man, can you really have an interloper in a public space? I wouldn’t have thought that you were part of the “let’s keep them out of here” crowd.

  • Jorale-man

    @North heights – definitely not part of that crowd. Probably just a little frustrated with having to run over trash on my morning jogs. But yes, the promenade is for everyone… even the slobs of the world.

  • North heights res

    Phew…what a relief! :)