Open Thread Wednesday 7/20/11

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  • Soulman

    In L.A. they had “carmageddon”, but in London it was “Karmageddon” time.
    In Brooklyn: armageddon outa here!

  • AEB

    So, Fortune House has not reopened on the appointed day–last Monday. They had posted a sign saying they were on vacation till then, but the place is still dark. (Though the fish are in situ–hope someone’s feeding them.)

    Anyone have an update?

  • sky

    What does the Brooklyn Heights Association actually do? It seems like a waste and they have 2 fulltime employees on staff to boot!

  • AnnieOakley

    Ok, I have to say it. I don’t mind the new wayfinding signs, but the “By choice” *really* irks me. That’s the best they could come up with?! Were we all previously held captive here in BK? Nothing like making the borough sound like a second rate option…

  • Big Dave

    You hit a bullseye, Annie!

  • Mickey

    I agree with Annie. I know it’s a quote from Truman Capote, but still … couldn’t they have used a quote from our senior elected cheerleader Marty Markowitz instead? He says impressive things about the borough all the time.

  • Barry

    Anyone notice that the subway countdown clocks have stop working at Clark Street station? Been this way for weeks with no explanation.

  • AEB

    Yes, “by choice” is a dopey gaffe. Comes across as defensive….

  • Kristen

    Looking for any helpful suggestions! My bike was stolen from my apartment building today . I live on Livingston and Clinton. 3 day old beautiful white raleigh cruiser with a white basket. Stolen from the hallway. I am going to report it to the the precinct tomorrow but looking for any suggestions or help finding it. It’s a beauty. So incredibly sad.

  • Arch Stanton

    Brooklyn by choice.
    Manhattan by attitude
    Queens by force
    The Bronx by no choice
    Staten Island by ferry

  • AnnOfOrange

    @Kristen – Don’t wait to report it! Do it today! Maybe the BHB police beat maven can be helpful with a posting if you have a photo. You should also tell the managing agent and building super. If you have tenants insurance, you may want to file a claim. It’s not likely that it will be seen in the neighborhood.

  • Cathy

    I am still looking for my 2 yr old male Tuxedo “BeeBop.” He has a distinct black marking on the right side of the face and mismatched paws. He was .last seen over the 4th of July weekend on Willow Place in the huge basement of the old Church/School. If you see something, please call 917-837-6899 or 718-624-3743. He is very missed by me and his brother cats. THANK YOU!!!

  • T.K. Small

    Next week is the New York State Bar Examination. Every year I mean to wish the recent Brooklyn Law School graduates luck on the test, but I always forget. This year I finally remembered! Good luck to everyone!

  • x

    If anyone have a steady law job, let me know beacuse my sister in law graduated 3 years ago and passed her bar exams, but still could not find a steady job.

  • Josh G

    @Barry – I asked the MTA (via their official Twitter feed); the response I got was some clocks were on older software and they were, um, looking into it. So I’m sure it’ll be fixed by Christmas.

  • Mike

    Does anyone know if Plymouth Church has an actual permit for their enormous new curb cut/driveway on Cranberry Street?

    They tried this several years ago, and got busted. Now they’ve got an SUV parked in the churchyard where the kids play, and a painted yellow curb twice the width of their (non-existent) driveway.

    Don’t we have enough parking problems?

    People petition for years to get curb cuts, I don’t think a can of yellow paint is the only requirement for taking 20 feet of street parking off the ‘market’.

    I stopped in and asked to see their permit, but was told the person in charge was in a meeting, and now I’m out of town for a bit, otherwise I’d check back.

  • AL


    Sorry your bike was stolen but what was it doing in the HALLWAY of your apartment building?

  • David on Middagh

    AL, AL, AL.

    When my bike was stolen a few years back, only the twisted remains of my U-lock on the pavement were to be found. It looked like someone had taken a crowbar to it.

    Don’t blame the victim.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Reminds me of a bike theft I witnessed back in the mid eighties: I was up by Hunter College, waiting to cross the street when a white van stopped in front of me. Two men emerged, one carrying a five foot piece of 2 inch steel pipe. They quickly walked past me to a bicycle locked to a fence. The pipe was wedged between the shackle bars of the U-lock. Pipe man, put his whole weight on the the end of the pipe and the lock snapped like a dry twig. The second guy grabbed the bike and they were back in the van before 20 seconds had passed. Before the door slid shut I noticed about twenty bikes in inside. The third man, the driver hit the gas and they were gone….
    I flagged down a police car a few blocks away and related the incident and a through description of the van and perps to the officers. The cop said “was it your bike?”
    I said “no”
    He said “then why do you care?_ um, you can’t press charges unless it was your bike” and off they went…

  • Sad Neighbor

    There is a massive cable outage with Time Warner. I lost it at 2am on Thursday morning…July 21. Noone seems to be mentioning this…I called TWC and they said the problem has been going on for about two or three days in some areas….please advise how long you guys have been without cable.

  • AL

    DoM, DoM, DoM and Kristin

    I simply asked a question that has yet to be answered. It’s a fire hazard and an inconvenience to neighbors to store things like bikes, strollers, etc. in the hallways of apartment buildings. Maybe the bike wasn’t stolen – just removed from the hallway by the super or a neighbor and put in the basement or such.

    Sad Neighbor

    Still no TW Cable service at 7 am. There’s an outage in our area. TW doesn’t know when service will be restored.

  • gc

    They’re setting up tents down on Pier 4 ( I think that’s the number). Anyone know what that’s about?

  • Claude Scales

    gc: It’s Pier 5 (Pier 4 is the picturesque ruin facing the foot of Montague Street). They’re setting up for Meatopia, a giant barbecue fest this Saturday.

  • Eddyenergizer

    gc, Pier 4 collapsed, most of it is now under water.

  • Sue

    Yesterday morning my Time Warner cable [only TV] was out for a few hours. It took some time but I finally reached a rep. on the phone who said that parts of Brooklyn & Queens were having trouble that effected only those with the new cable boxes. Service was restored before 1PM. My next door neighbor had no trouble with her TW service while mine was out and sure enough she has an older cable box.

  • Christine

    Anyone know where the Truman Capote wayfinding sign is?

  • Nancy

    Call 311 to report it. If you get no response, call DOT directly. They have no right ot make their own driveway, if that is the case

  • nosy parker

    @mike – no they don’t have a permit, and parking isn’t listed on their certificate of occupancy. Tsk tsk.

  • Mickey

    Christine — it’s on Henry & Clark, outside Gristede’s pharmacy.

  • GHB

    Sue, make sure you tell Time Warner how long your cable was out for so you can get a credit. If you’re not sure, just make up a number of hours.