Solo Art Installation Cleans Up On Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Don’t ask me… In fact, don’t even ask artist Antonio Alonso, who made clear that his self-installed art exhibit along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade Thursday morning, is up to you to interpret.

It consists of a half dozen mop handles attached to posts overlooking lower Manhattan, each with a plastic bottle, a la Clorox or laundry detergent, in bright hues with tribal facial features painted on, then decorated with a tangled shock of mop hair blowing in the breeze. Cleverly, the screw tops serve as mouths.

They certainly drew the bemused attention of passers-by early in the morning. “Am I supposed to get this?” I asked the artist. He replied, “It is whatever you want to make of it. That’s the beauty of art.” Another observer, Nadette Stasa, who operates the Peace Museum NY—and that curious psychedelic bicycle pictured below—said, “Well, it should at least have a name, so you have an idea of what you’re trying to say.” Alonso: “No name, no name!” View more of the artist’s public art projects here.

Nadette’s “Peace Train,” easily as odd as the art…

Originally published at The Smoking Nun

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  • philica

    Lets hope he wasn’t casting spells on Brooklyn Heights with all those crazy voodoo mask-looking things…

  • Billy Reno

    Guess which one’s the cell phone tower.

  • JJ

    That is insanely ugly. I realize that “art” is subjective, but this ‘installation’ is crap.