Park Corporation Board Meeting Monday, July 18

The board of directors of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation will meet on Monday, July 18, starting at approximately 1:30 p.m., at the Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Heights branch, 280 Cadman Plaza West (at Tillary Street). The public is invited.

There is no agenda yet available for the meeting; we will publish it as soon as it is finalized. It may include action on the recommendations of the board’s Committee on Alternatives to Housing.

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  • nystrele

    i would be interested to know if the park is EVER going to start moving away from parts 1 and 6 and show some real progress along the promenade. it is increasingly as eyesore as nothing is done to show an iota of progress.

    that’s nice that they’re adding all sorts of bells & whistles to the two areas that are virtually completed, but when are we going to see some foliage or signs of meaningful progress where it counts: the view from the promenade.

    as bloomberg continues to dedicate funding to governor’s island and the high-line moves forward, it feels like brooklyn bridge park has been left in the dust… literally.

    i hope the board will address this essential issue at their meeting.

  • gatornyc

    Why are the portions of the park that comprise the view from the promenade “where it counts”? Would you prefer to have the PA sheds back?

    You may not see the progress, but progress is indeed being made on Pier 5 as the work on the piles continues. As for Pier 2 and 3, which are apparently all that count as they will improve your view, its a matter of funding.

  • nystrele

    i’m not just talking about “my” view. i’m talking about proposals and deadlines that sadly, continue to wisp away. for those walking and riding bikes from end to end, it’s a collision course of glass, garbage and overgrown weeds. it’d be nice to see some of this cleaned up, if not landscaped.

  • Ursula Hahn

    nystrele, if you had your eyes and ears open, you would know that the conversion of Piers 2 and 3 is not funded. You can thank opponents of residential development whose lawsuit caused delays in park construction. That and the fact that construction costs rose are reason why the funds provided are no longer sufficient to cover construction beyond that of Pier 5, which is to open in 2012.

    The reason why the conversion to park amenities began at opposite ends is that Piers 1 and 6 are more accessible to the public than the center portion; is that logical enough for you?

    I would also like to point out that the bicyclist/ pedestrian walk between Pier 1 and the MTA building at Montague Street is CLEAN.

  • Melissa

    Ursula, you are pathetically wrong on everything except the fact that Pier 2 and 3 are unfunded. The Park Fund law suit did not delay a damn thing. How are you so ignorant? The housing bubble collapse is mostly responsible for the lack of sales of luxury apts or have you been living in a cave for a few years? And the fact that the builder built ugly. Another reason why it was just plain dumb to put all the hope in housing inside a park to pay for it. Boy are you confused about construction costs, too! You are an idiot not to see things like the wasteful consultant costs, pathetic playground equipment that needs to be replaced, sub-standard paving systems through out the park, particularly in the playgrounds and also the “bike” lane ( has had to be repaired), not to mention the fact that the park is now also paying for the sewage, electric and water lines for housing. Where do you come up with your falsehoods, anyway? Are you on Myer’s staff now? Oh, not to mention the $1million for Regina Myer’s new offices – at a time when the Mayor took out $10 million in capital dollars. Best you go back to your cave because you are just plain wrong and you contribute absolutely nothing to the dialog.