WPIX on Brooklyn Heights Parking Woes

Stephanie Tsoflias of WPIX came to the Heights to document car owners’ parking problems, and encountered Ginger Berman, who found the whole thing so frustrating that she sold her car. Video after the jump.

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  • North heights res

    Oh, my God…they want the city to change its pickup days to accommodate their parking woes?

    More self-indulgent, self-obsessed upper class New Yorkers who think that others should revolve around their very precious needs.
    Poor thing had to sell her car…poor thing…

    And yes…I have a car.

  • EHinBH

    This has nothing to do with being ‘upper class,’ whatever that may mean to you. Obviously, you are nothing more than a bitter, jealous, miserable person. I am so sick of all the comments on this site that bash people just because they have a few dollars in the bank and want the hood where they paid good money to live be what they want it to be. Why dont you get your behind out of here? I’m sure there is a great two bedroom ranch in Levittown with your name on it. Get to it!

  • Mickey

    I don’t see the big deal in having the City change its pickup days if it makes life easier for the people that live in an area — whether we’re talking about the Heights or East NY. Money has nothing to do with it. Making accommodations for one another is how we coexist in peace.

  • Eddyenergizer

    I think it would make more sense to simply change the Wednesday alternate day to Thursday, That way, there would be no consecutive trash pick-up days.

  • North heights res

    EHinBH, I’ve no desire to live in the suburbs; I’m not the one complaining about things that are essential parts of urban living, like managing where to park your car (for FREE!) on the street. If you want to be able to park your car easily, buy a place with a driveway or rent a parking place. Don’t expect the rest of the city to accommodate your needs.

    I am neither bitter nor envious (for all you know, I live in a penthouse on Columbia Heights), just tired of the self-involvement of people who think that the world should revolve around them and their needs.

    This isn’t is a gated community where we get to decide who comes and goes (and yes, I do recall your concern about people from “other neighborhoods” who might, perish the thought, come to Brooklyn Heights to avail themselves of a *public* pool), and where we get to make the rules about when the trash should be picked up. If you want to have that level of control over your environment, urban living is likely not the right choice.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Re: North Heights resiident-This isnt a gated community-

    Concerns for the quality of people a neighborhood attracts
    IS basic, proper concern for a community.

    If a neighborhood has a leadership which is insensitive or
    just nonhelpful italienates people starting with the most
    valuable which are ususally the most sensitive and most
    quickly reactive to poor or uneven neighborhood manage-
    ment. Its simple, well maintained, well run neighborhoods
    attract people of refinement and the highest development.
    Poorly run neighborhoods promote devolution, which then
    spreads to adjacent areas and finally to an entire city.

  • http://loureads.com Lou

    They have really started ticketing hardcore in this area. My wife got a ticket after leaving her car on the alternate side 9 minutes before 8am. Zero tolerance now if you aren’t in your car. Just lame.

  • lori

    EddyEnergizer, you are right. The complication is that Wednesday is recycle pickup day also, so you have 3 to 6 trucks picking up. It makes sense to change the alternate day from Wednesday to Thursday. We don’t have the same trouble where the alternate is on Tuesday.

  • Bette

    I don’t understand (or yes I do – it’s revenue for the city) why there must be parking meters on the side streets. I used to live on the Upper West side and there are only meters on the streets where the commerce is concentrated: Broadway and Amsterdam. That makes sense. If they won’t (and they won’t) remove the meters on the side streets, the other thing the city might do is provide parking for the 30-40 Prius’s that line both sides of Joralemon every night. They are owned by the some city department (I forget if it’s Water, or Environment), and it seems unfair that they take the street spaces that residents could be using. Is there no city-owned parking down here? like under the courthouse?

  • Remsen

    The “upper class” does not have these car parking problems…they put their car(s) in a garage.

  • http://montaguestreetjournal.com Ace

    parking=car=gasoline=oil=billions of dollars wasted and meaningless deaths of young Americans overseas

  • Buggs Bunny

    There used to be a City owned public parking garage at Atlantic and Court. But a few years ago, the City gave it to the Walentas’ 2 Trees Management Company to build a multi-purpose apartment building.

  • Ari

    What’s truly unfair is that on the streets where ASP is supposed to take place during a 90 minute interval, and the street sweeper comes through lets say within the first 20 minutes of the regulation, folks should be allowed to re-park on the freshly cleaned street.

    What’s the harm in parking on that side of the street after the first and only pass of sanitation truck comes through?

    Also, every street in this neighborhood should be at 90 minute intervals. What’s the purpose of an all-day regulation when the sweeper comes through only once during that whole day?

  • ABC

    what is the purpose of street sweepers?

    wish we had the ones you see in europe and the big cities in south america that vacuum up the garbage. but what is the point of twirling it around anyway?

    north heights res, we pay for this stuff. we really do. by your logic, parents can’t suggest improvements at public schools.

    a move to thursday has always made sense to me.

  • Heightsguy

    Yes, ABC, the twirling of trash is trite. Ari, I recall vaguely that there is an initiative to allow people to leave their cars after the truck goes by. On Columbia Heights, they come through right at the start of the “verboten” time, and then you have to sit for 1 1/2 hours for nothing, and ticketing goes on up to the 9;59:59. And buggs, I too miss that parking garage on Atlantic and Court, it was reasonable and large. This reminds me: at Love Lane Garage, another parking venue lost to condos, I complained that an employee had dented my car. The manager responded:”Whaddaya think we got working here, MITs from Harvard?”

  • Arch Stanton

    The street sweepers do vacuum up the debris (duh), maybe not every last bit but they do an okay job.

    The problem with letting everyone move their car back after the sweeper passes by, how are the enforcement agents supposed to know if it passed by or not? Also, if you get a ticket and fight it how would the “judge” know if it was before of after the street was cleaned? (double duh)
    Stop whining and suck it up, its part of owing a car in NYC.