NYT on St. Ann’s Probie Office Dustup

More on the St. Ann’s/Probation office controversy from today’s NY Times:

New York Times: Private School…: “If you did the opposite and said, ‘Let’s put a school full of small children by a probation office,’ I don’t think anyone would ever say that’s a good idea,” said Therese Feng, whose 7-year-old daughter attends the school. “So the converse is clearly not a good idea either. It’s kind of hard to see why having 75 felons a day coming to the entrance mixing in with the kids milling around is smart policy.”

The kerfuffle began last month when Ben Esner, who graduated from St. Ann’s in 1984 and now has a daughter in third grade at the school, noticed some new metal detectors at Pierrepont Plaza and a placard suggesting that a new tenant was coming. He called the local community board and soon confirmed that a federal probation office would open there in a matter of weeks.

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