Open Thread Wednesday 6/29/11

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  • gc

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good bathroom sink reglazer? Any idea what it might cost and whether it actually holds up over time? Thanks

  • Wrennie

    north heights res, doesn’t it drive you nuts when people don’t comprehend that a hot bagel is different than a toasted bagel? I’ve had that response as well in the past–i don’t want it toasted for warmth, i want it toasted for texture. Fools. In any case, isn’t the customer always right?–at least when you’ve only been open a month and should be serving people in such a way that makes them returning customers?

  • sunshinebk

    anyone nearly step in yet another human poop down on the platform in clark st. On NO level is this acceptable. and I will be dammed if someone says i’m being mean to the homeless. it is SO wrong.

  • harumph

    @EHinBH – I had asked the owner about the early close time – she said this is to get them on their feet but they plan later hours with things like evening wine tastings etc in the future

  • AmyinBH

    I hope everyone who can is out enjoying the lovely weather. I am stuck in the office and a little sad to be missing the great weather this week.

    Many years ago I learned that the fireworks on the 4th of July attract a crowd to BH that I would rather avoid. I can only imagine with Brooklyn Bridge Park how many more people will pour in not knowing the view is on the other river.

  • Sad Neighbor

    AmyinBH….if you get out of work early enough try to go down to Pier’s just lovely and right now (at least until 7/2) they have the Piano of Hope. I saw an excellent piano player the other day…so maybe you can enjoy the view, some ice cream and be entertained by a decent musician.
    Any chance we can keep the piano?

    How soon are they planning on working on this pool project?

  • Jimmy R.

    Anyone heard any news about FIOS being installed in any of the buildings in the neighborhood? I see fiber cable in the basement going into Verizon marked equipment, but who knows if that is for something else.

    I know Verizon was running fiber in the neighborhood. Wondering if maybe it’s just my building that doesn’t offer it?

  • mlo

    I like the idea of the pianos alot too and would like to see them around longer.

    AMYinBH Sad Neighboris right – get your Vit D on!-

    7 Old Fulton – just behind Pete’s – I’ve stopped in a few times and food was good. Drinks menu is good too- prices very reasonable.

    Grab a Georgia Peach cocktail at the bar and then go sit down in the park.

    I’m stuck in a windowless office myself. I once saw a documentary on Alkatraz and would you believe those guys had bigger cells than my cubicle. they also got free meals…

  • MM

    @Jimmy I also keep wondering about the availability of FIOS. I thought they had installed the cables in the neighborhood but haven’t seemed to install them in buildings. It seems like every building I’ve lived in and every building I check to potentially move to does not have FIOS available. Is this just because landlords and co-ops refuse to have FIOS wire their building? I would love if BHB could perhaps help get together a list of buildings with and without FIOS. I would love to be able to get rid of TWC!

  • Willow St. neighbor

    We have FIOS at 135 Willow St.
    We got rid of TWC as fast as we could. We love FIOS.
    Have not had one single complaint yet.
    The FIOS rep was in the lobby again last night trying to sign people up.

  • Wrennie

    My building on Hicks is supposedly getting FIOS soon. They said that last year. They also said we’re getting a roof deck. And a unicorn.

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    We need something like Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis’s
    sister) on the piano down at the park…it always seems that
    we have to put up with some-i”m brilliant so youhave to put
    up wth my liuberious music…well why doesnt anybody pre-
    sent some I-refuse-to-be-down great JLL type sounds.
    Just go to You Tube and put in “Linda Gail Lewis” or
    “Jerry Lee Lewis imiatators Tributes” and see what the park
    REALLY Needs….

  • Mickey

    Some of the larger co-ops in the area have bulk discount contracts with TWC and can’t even think about switching to FiOS until they’re close to expiring.

  • PJL

    Fios is available at 75 Henry

  • EHinBH

    Thanks @harumph.

  • GHB

    I’m glad that we finally got the entrance to the Promenade at Clark Street back, but can’t they get rid of that stinkin’ portable toilet? I thought it was for the workers, but now it’s being used as a public toilet. And summer’s heating up!

  • bhmom

    There are always one or two small gray cars parked on the “wrong” side of the street on the west side of WIllow between Clark and Pierrepont. I see them in the morning and the evening. What’s up with that?

  • Jorale-man

    Interesting about the trash on the promenade: I was there last night around 10 and the cans were fine. By this morning they were overflowing again all over the place and there were fast food remnants around the benches by Montague. I know this falls on deaf ears by the City but it would really be smart if they installed some more trash cans in that area particularly. Right now, it’s the surest way to attract rodents.

  • GHB

    Jorale-man, I was walking my dog on the Promenade around 11:30 last night and it was packed! No wonder the cans are overflowing.

  • Sad Neighbor

    Jeffrey J Smith & MLO…why don’t you come visit the Piano at Pier tonight around 5pm… If we get a crowd maybe someone in it can play Linda Gail Lewis style music…I certainly would enjoy it…
    Also tomorrow’s the last day for the piano… I don’t see why with 88 pianos throughout the city why this one can’t stay put.
    Did anyone check out this guy Craig Greenberg…he’s unbelievable.

  • Lauren J

    Sad Neighbor,

    Craig Greenberg is very talented! (Full disclosure: he happens to be a friend of mine.) For anyone interested in checking out his music, this is his website:

    I wish the pianos could stick around longer, too. Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend!

  • Sad Neighbor

    I definitely think there should be a piano present…also jam sessions (OK..I am showing my age) would be lovely on the lawn near the pier or on the benches. May shlepp my keyboard down one day…and let someone else play.
    Lauren J… I spent a great deal of time chatting with Craig. He gave me his card and I did visit his site. May catch a show of his one day. There was another guy there who made up a song about the Pilates class to the left of us…very funny…and Craig played jazz in the background…A very enjoyable evening. May stop by the Pier tonight after a few cocktails with some friends..hope to see some of my blogging buddies.

    Happy 4th of July weekend to all.

  • Gerry


    There are NO good bathroom sink re-glazers this is impossible to do correctly go out and buy a new sink or have the bathoom gut renovated that seems to be the trend these days new bathrooms and new kitchens.

    A person can re-glaze your sink but it will never hold up over time put the money toward a new sink.

    And go with a classic traditional design these new trendy vessel sinks will go the way of shag carpeting and mylar wallpaper get a classic traditional design.

    And tune into HGTV.

  • Lorinda Chamberlain

    I have to say I am sad that someone picked on this lady because I know her and she smokes those pretend cigarettes in order to give up. I think they are electronic or puffers or something but it’s not a real fag (I’m Brittish and can say that).

    The other complaints on this board are just so pitiful and mindless, I have no words.

    Get a fricken life!

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    Re: The goings on on the “Troll by any other name” article below
    (G’wan take a look…)

    The people who are critical of me are Also are people who like annomimity. Among everyone else on this forum I and T.K. are the only one’s their REAL NAMES.

    Got an opinion? Want to take a stand?

    Fine, then how about Manning up and using your real name.
    Well, not the assorted moral and intellectual Lilliputians who
    hide like, well like what they are, behind an anonymous handle. This of course, prevents any real verification of who they are, their real backgrounds (drugs, questionable moral backgrounds) and what their real motives may be.

    Everyone assaulting me here (and avoiding the issues which brought us to this forum-the question Of the propriety of this play-and the state of the Church at present) may be a good, well intentioned group of honest observers. But how do we know that unless we can verify backgrounds? So is Winston Smith a genuine name or just the name out of the novel 1984? Out of the shadows come voices which adopt such intelligent handles as wee gee (the famous 1940’s photog or a 1950’s water gun?) Heights Lifetime Resident, soul man and Elmer Fudd? Who in reality are any of these people? Why should we be listening to any of these voices if we don’t know who they really are? The print media people have it exactly right about the bolgisphere on this. It’s just one of the basic jives the blogisphere is built on.

    I decided to engage here for reasons of seeing how many people will read what I said and have an actually intelligent reaction to it. The result of this test will be when I meet my neighbors tomorrow and over the long weekend face to face and see what are their actual their reactions. But as a basic fact, why should I have to defend my record to a group of anonymous shapes in the shadows?

    I would suggest if you have personalized criticism you have the honesty, integrity and courage to sign your real names to your assertions.

    But I’ll tell you what..the more lurid the accounts of backgrounds are circulated, the more an amazing phenomena starts takes place. The more we are attacked by the less intelligent and degenerate elements, the more a whole strata of honest individuals are attracted. Yes, such reports make certain types cross the street to avoid you forever. But these people are the unthinking or people who have strong life commitments to destructive ideas or social movements. There is a whole type of honest, healthy person who, weary of the death path the western world is on, who is strongly attracted to what I stand for.

    This is exactly why certain editors (like DH) stopped attacking me. The more he attacked, the more we gained friends and worse, donations.

  • shamrock

    I’m definitely hiding behind a pseudonym; too many skeletons in my closet (lucky ones, I hope!).

  • NY2BK

    @Lorinda Chamberlain – Your assessment is completely false on a couple of levels… No one is “picking” on this woman. Your actions in public are exactly that – public.

    She chooses to act the way she does. She chooses to lack empathy for others in the neighborhood. She chooses to defy basic rules that are in place for a reason.

    You are incorrect about her “fags.” I’ve seen her on the promenade as well smoking her “slim” cigs as she lets her dog pee and poop in inappropriate places. Maybe you don’t know her well, or maybe you are blind to what is actually happening in the video, but I would encourage you to get to know her when she thinks no one is watching. That is the true sign of one’s character.

    Don’t know how you defend the smoking, littering the butt when she is done, letting her dog loose (causing potential accidents and other dogs going ape-s$it when they seevanother a dog off a leash), and not cleaning up after her dog.