Monsanto’s Controversial RoundUp Sprayed in Cadman Plaza Park

A BHB tipster writes us that the Parks Department is spraying RoundUp, a pesticide recently in the news for reportedly causing birth defects and other issues. Note that many of these findings have been disputed, so let’s not get all Jenny McCarthy about this yet:

Parks has been spraying Round-Up in Cadman Park….I stopped in the office there today and was told by a Parks employee that it was necessary to “kill weeds that grow in the cracks of the pathways” but the announcement which was taped to a few spots on the fences says the “specific sites” are “horticulture areas, planted sites, and cobblestone paths”.

If you do a web search, you will quickly see that this Monsanto pesticide is regarded by many as bad for children, anyone with a liver, and pregnant women.

In the rain this afternoon, I took home one of the signs which was getting waterlogged. I will email you a photo of it, or you can see it in situ on a fence in the north side of Cadman Park….it’s pink and taped onto the fence. I think the neighborhood should know that Parks is spraying a controversial chemical in what is really our backyard. Battery Park City gardeners use no pesticides and they have a really beautiful park.

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  • publius

    It is ridiculous that something this insignificant made it to the internet.

  • doubter

    Monsanto has always had a billion dollar staff to dispute any claims that any of their products being unsafe, no matter if they are or are not.

  • Arch Stanton

    @ publius, Thanks for that post, It exposed you for the arrogant fool you truly are.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I suggest everyone speak to some Agent Orange victims from the Viet Nam era to get some idea how DANGERIOUS anything like round up really is and what very small exposure is needed to Trigger lifelong serious health problems.

    Problem is, Monsanto is part of the new NWO establishment…
    under the new Codex world rules, farmers MUST spray with Monsanto products to be able to sell their crops. They also
    almost totally have to use some kind of GMO Seeds to be
    able function in the new (highly NGO controlled) world food
    Supply system now being constructed.

    Well, Google “Codex” or “Jeffrey Smith GMO” and see what you find.

    No wonder Monsanto acts as it does….some of their best friends are meeting right now in Switzerland. (well, try googling the term
    “Bilderbergers” and see what you get)

    Yeah, there a BIG reason monsanto acts as it does……

  • Publius

    Note that either someone’s trying to impersonate me with a small p or I have a mini-me.

    So, Snarch, sorry you can’t expose me for the arrogant fool you may think I am.

  • Monty

    I googled “Jeffrey Smith GMO” and it confirmed everything he said! It can’t be a coincidence! Seriously thought, Monsanto as a corporation can be anit-competitive and underhanded, but there’s little solid evidence that their products are dangerous in the quantities that they are commonly used. I wouldn’t drink a bottle of pesticide, but I wouldn’t worry about it being sprayed in parks.

  • Villager

    Hasn’t anybody ever heard of Elbow-Grease?
    It works wonders on all sorts of things.

  • carlotta

    Hot water on weeds also works. Many toddlers and young children playing at Cadman Park – we don’t need more questionable chemicals only to find out later how dangerous they are. Also, it would be bestr if dogs weren’t allowed anywhere in the park since their owners allow them to do their business on the grass where the children play – picking up the stuff still leaves residue.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I suggest everybody simply google “round up dangers” and see
    what you get… is a VERY moderate toned
    e publication. Other sites have real experiances with people who just sprayed a little used back yard or field with round up. Very low Parts Per Million exposure Read the MANY round up sites and see what they say happened.

    ALSO, Monsanto Wont tell you what additives are in Round up…its all trade secrets!

    ALL of this is SO easily available at any terminal

    And while you’re at it, why don’t you look up WHY monsanto has the attitude they do,,,as above, its because of the BIG friends they have. Soon unbder the world food control rules, farmers
    wont be allowed to farm UNLESS they use Monsanto or just
    out of patent restrictions copy products.

    We,, just google “Codex” or “FAO” and see what your food
    future is going to be…whether you like it or not

  • pankymom

    Jezus crist everybody! Quit googling all over this and call Marty Markowitz and give him an earful about poison coating his plaza, if you don’t like it. And i don’t so I will. Why BPC can have no pesticide loveliness and we can’t escapes me.

    Also Publius: you are a weed.

  • Elizabeth I

    Pankymom + Villager, you are so right..Let our elected officials hear from us about this…and let’s all pitch in with some elbow grease and keep those nasty weeds from taking over….That way we can demonstrate an alternative to fetus harming/liver damaging pesticides that enrich a powerful and apparently evil corporation, Monsanto.

    Bad enough that we have to buy their corn. We don’t have to support them here in Brooklyn. Do we?

    And/or call 311 and register a complaint with Parks….free, easy and only takes a minute

  • mobklyn

    By the way, I just heard that Harry Chapin Playground is being sprayed today. I find it outrageous that they would do this in any park or playground. Who cares about some weeds? and if they are such a problem, I agree – pull them out or find a natural solution. I will most certainly be calling Markowitz today.

  • Baconcat

    Well, whatever the FDA comes up with on Roundup should be taken as final. It’s not like Obama appointed the chief lobbyist of MONSANTO to run the FDA or anything. Oh wait, he totally did!

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Re: Baconcat: Exactly.

    People just need to yell bloddy murder on this. The amount of
    noise, responses this spraying generates deturmines the extent
    they will spray further and spray next year. Get organizations
    involved. All the “enviornmental” orgs you have given money to
    over the years…what are they going to do about this?

    Call the press, use call-in radio shows, go to public hearings,
    give out flyers at park enterances on saturday, put a table
    on Montague, post signs, hang banners…you know,


  • Regina

    Ok Jeffery, why don’t you spearhead the campaign?

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    That may be a good idea….how about some help. 718 875 1999