Attention Former Busy Chef, Oven, Blue Pig and Wine Bar Employees

Being unemployed totally sucks.  Since my early career was spent in the wonderful world of radio, I may know just a little too much about being “on the beach”.  So when I got word here at BHB about the 50 folks who lost their jobs due to the “Busted Chef” scandal,  I just couldn’t sit on the sidelines.   For what it’s worth, a lot of folks read Brooklyn Heights Blog.  Some of those people may be looking to hire someone.  Why shouldn’t it be a qualified former Busy Chef Empire employee?

If you worked at any of the establishments recently closed and if you’re looking for a job,  send your resume and an optional photo to webmaster AT   Resumes should include an email address you’re comfortable sharing on the web.  We will not publish home phone numbers or addresses. In the coming week, we will post the resumes received and hope that someone out there in blogland can help you get back to work.

Homer Fink


Brooklyn Heights Blog

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  • jay

    send a photo?

    unless they’re applying for a modeling job, requesting a photo for a prospective employee can be not so legal.

  • Jazz

    umm ever hear of “facebook”?

  • nabeguy

    Bully for HF!! This is what this blog should be about.

  • looked it up

    checked with the dept. of labor on this long ago – it is legal. weird, but legal

  • real talk

    what you said was really very nice but there’s something else you should know about that ( busted chef scandal ) a lot of those employees help dan do a lot of that stealing. there was no gun put to their head or family member bein held hostage they chose to goin along on their own free will so now think about this who in their right mind would want someone that can”t stand up for theirself to work for them homer you seem like a real nice guy but thats another problem we have to live with ( there’s not to many people out there like us ) p.s. to all those people that help dan the cops will be knockin on your door soon

  • oh please

    real talk – you don’t know what you are talking about. I know a lot of the employees personally and they were not involved – they are disgusted by what Dan did. They are also hurting and out of work so don’t generalize and add to their problems. Thank you Homer for trying to help them out!

  • heightsdiho

    Bravo Homer! A gentleman and a scholar!

  • joe

    funny, i got the same warm rush the afternoon that the vile gristedes’ burnt down
    as i did when the busy chef & friends finally closed for good.

  • joe

    betcha dan’s hot little (cr)ass is gonna be real busy in the big house.
    at least the food will be better!

  • real talk

    ok -oh please you made be right and i apologize to all the people that work there and was doing the thing that message wasn’t for them ( your firends )