Kenn Lowy, New Brooklyn Heights Cinema Owner, Talks About His Plans

L Magazine’s Mark Asch interviewed Kenn Lowy, Heights resident, musician, and new owner of Brooklyn Heights Cinema. Lowy talked about his plans for the beloved movie house:

L Magazine: Lowy plans to renovate the lobby, to make it “more of a coffee bar,” conducive to admiring the monthly photography exhibits he plans to show, presumably stuff he’s curating himself.

Also drawing from his connections to local artists, Lowy plans a singer-songwriter night, at least monthly. (“Since this is acoustic music, it will be quiet, so our neighbors won’t have to worry about anything loud…”) He observes, not unfairly I suppose, that “Monday and Tuesday nights are dead in all cinemas,” so that’s when he’ll give over one of the screens to a musician.

Lowy also plans to show silent films with live musical accompaniment. He looks forward to doing his own score for the Fritz Lang classic Metropolis.

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  • Heightser

    It would be terrific to have an Saturday morning kids movie series.

  • Jorale-man

    Very cool. I like the idea of having live accompaniments to silent films. And the lobby plans could be a nice upgrade too.

    Maybe there’s a mini-series to be done on films set in the neighborhood too.

  • Lauren J

    The idea of having a singer/songwriter night sounds wonderful! Looking forward to these new changes!

  • ML

    I am sincerely wishing him success. But I hope profitability isn’t high on his list of priorities.

  • Bette

    How about a little tiny Brooklyn Film Festival? There’s got to be tons of filmmakers in Brooklyn. Depending on whether their films conform to the projection device (is it a film projector or can it project digitally?), maybe devote one weekend and invite local filmmakers to screen their short films? Give people an opportunity to vote on their favorites?

    This new owner sounds great!

  • RJ

    A welcome change. Bette, you’re idea sounds great. The Brooklyn Film Festival is taking place here right now, but I think a more local thing would be great. Kind of like Channel 13’s weekly Reel Shorts. Maybe have some shorts play before the music performance? I hope they can serve beer/wine in addition to the coffee! :)

  • michael

    Like the idea of a small gallery for local artists.