Last Minute Weekend Suggestion: SOB at St. Ann Tomorrow Evening

The String Orchestra of Brooklyn, in collaboration with American Opera Projects and with guest soloist baritone Kyle Pfortmiller, will present a concert tomorrow at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, corner of Clinton and Montague, beginning at 8:00 p.m. The program consists of Samuel Barber’s “First Essay for Orchestra,” “Batter My Heart” from John Adams’ opera Doctor Atomic, and Johannes Brahms’ Symphony No. 4. Tickets are $10, and may be purchased here.

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  • Eddy de Lectron

    I like the B&W photo of “Jumbo” a vessel built to contain the first atomic bomb, just in case it didn’t go off as planned… If it had failed to go supercritical; the conventional explosion would have blasted Plutonium all over the desert… Funny thing was they weren’t concerned about radiation from the potentially scattered Plutonium, just that it was so valuable at the time they didn’t want to loose it… Ultimately they decided not to use Jumbo as Oppenheimer and Los Alamos boys just knew in their heart of hearts, it would work… Eventually, some bored Army solders packed poor Jumbo full of explosives and blew its ends off… Oh those guys at the White Sands Missile Range sure know how to have fun, aye…

    I had the pleasure of seeing the remains of Jumbo when I visited the Trinity test site in 09… It’s still a pretty impressive hunk of metal…

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Well, read Human Smoke on the bomb project-
    By the way; There is the story of the Manhattan project approching
    Nicola Tesla when they had a vexing problem with resonance
    one of the people in the MHP party which went to Tesla was a
    mathematician who when he retired lived for many years on Monroe Place.

    Tesla refused to cooperate. He would hardly make conversation
    with MP group.Tesla had little regard for particle physics or people
    who limited their minds to that small comfine of physical sciences.

    Good for your Nicky-do a burnout in that Pierce Arrow.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Really? Didn’t Tesla die in January of 43 before the lab at Los Alamos was even built? Yes, the Manhattan project was underway, generating fissile materials but the actual design of the bomb didn’t really start until spring of 43… Also, I don’t get what “vexing problem with resonance” they had? where are you getting your information?

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    From the mathematician who lived on Monroe-who was one of the
    Manhattan Project party who went to Tesla. He volunteered this
    the recollection when asked what he considered notable or unusual in his years in the research and academic world.

    I heard this report subsequently from two researchers of Tesla”s life in Colorado at the annual Tesla society gathering. (30 Foot
    arcs are fun to watch)(but of course,Tesla wasn’t trying to make arcs The poor insulation materials of the time was the cause.

    The Manhattan project certainly was started in 1941 the day
    BEFORE Pearl Harbor. But there WAS a sizable research
    effort before that, Ernie Lawrence and his guys were only one of the scientific circles pressing the Rosenvelt administration
    to develop an “energy producing device” from fission-this quickly
    became pressure to develope an atomic bomb. Its very notible
    which group was presssing hardest for the development of the atomic bomb