Brooklyn Bridge Park Community Advisory Council Meeting Tuesday

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Community Advisory Council will have its next meeting Tuesday evening, May 24, from 6:30 to 8:30, at St. Francis College, 180 Remsen Street (between Clinton and Court). No agenda has been published. At its last meeting, on April 20th, the Council passed a resolution urging the Committee on Alternatives to Housing of the Park’s board of directors to reconsider the parameters imposed on the consultants hired by the board to study alternative sources of revenue to fund park operations and maintenance, and to consider other revenue sources not previously studied. Since then, local politicians have also urged further consideration. Feedback from these proposals will no doubt be the principal subject of discussion at Tuesday’s meeting.

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  • Jeffrey j Smith

    I attended the Park’s “community advisory council’s meeting
    ast night. It was an amazing experiance

    The issue of the noise enviornment came up. After a few
    comments it was clear they were attempting to address the many nise enviornemtn problems with 1960’s/70’s mis level technology.

    Then the general subject of funding came up.

    After several comments I simply asked if anyone on the panel even knew who Virgil Exner or Syd Mead was?

    There was little response.

    And the real problem.

    For ANY public works project to attract public support it MUST
    show a design which is dynamic, foward looking, uplifting and
    represents a significant upgrade in the total experiance of an
    visit to an area.

    I asked those present to simply go home and put the names of virgil Exner and Syd Mead into You Tube.

    Do I think anyone will make this small effort towards examining
    what is being done wrong?

    Jeff’s law #2 human societies never reform except in the presence of a major disaster.