Serious injury at Montague & Hicks.

EMS is going to Bellevue Hospital with a victim who has reportedly sustained partial amputation of fingers at Montague St. & Hicks St. a few moments ago.

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  • Yuppers

    OK, two things – there is no time stamp for your post, so “a few moments ago” means nothing to anyone who wasn’t on this site right before and right after this was posted.

    Second – any word on what exactly happened?

  • anon

    Srsly, if BHB is going to keep doing these stories, please at least give more info or follow up.

  • Jennifer

    Gothamist news maps has the time of the Serious Trauma call at 136pm.

  • weegee

    Multiple apologies.

    I was not there. Please understand that even my resources are limited — particularly when I’m in Manhattan at the time, working on news stories for my “real” job. When a posting about an incident-in-progress pops up, think of it as a real-time news tip. Usually, particularly when I’m not at a scene myself, the follow-up information we get is furnished by the NYPD, often only on stories that their Public Information Office considers as being of citywide interest. An incident such as this didn’t warrant a “slip” from the 13th floor at 1PP, and so it’s hoped that people who live on or were the scene can chime in here with what they know and/or saw.

    This is, after all, a community *blog*.

    I only presume to post Alpha-through-Omega illustrated news stories here when I have the material for it. Otherwise, I’m a curious resident, just like everyone else.

  • Andrew Porter

    Weegee, you’ve cut Homer Fink to the quick with your casual “this is, after all, a community *blog*”. But isn’t a blog how Matt Dredge got started?

    Also, I thought you were a dead photographer of crime scenes, but maybe I got that wrong…

  • weegee

    Mere technicalities, Mr. Porter…longevity is attained through 20 cigars and 20 cups of coffee nightly, plus lots of pastrami sandwiches.

    (I’ve yet to find a Weegee photo taken in the Heights. He writes about picking up strange women on the Tillary side of the Manhattan Bridge, though.)

  • haystacker

    Who is the mysterious “weegee”? I ask because I am Arthur Fellig’s niece. My mother was Yetta Fellig, the youngest of the seven children. If you are a fan, I’d love to say hi and swap stories.