Heights and Hills Presents the Joan Show May 19

Arthur Miller’s sister/actress Joan Copeland will perform Joan’s Show her one woman play as part of a benefit for Heights and Hills on May 19 at LIU’s Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts [430 Albee Square].

Tickets for the event are available at the Kumble Theater website. [PDF of flyer]

On a personal note, the folks at Heights and Hills have been very helpful and supportive to me and my family recently. They are a priceless resource for caregivers and seniors in our borough.

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  • Knight

    Homer: maybe you should say more about what “Heights and Hills” is. The only organization I know by that name is the funeral home on Atlantic Avenue. I’m not being funny here; I’m guessing there are more people reading this who only know the one.

  • eg

    Heights and Hill is a social services organization that services seniors, now in a larger area in Brooklyn than previously. They helped me before and after my back operation, by supplying me with first, emergency help and then long term care such as household help (different needs), food delivery and various social services and advice. It is aimed at low income people, and now with funds cut back, there is a means test.

  • http://www.heightsandhills.org Judy Willig

    Heights and Hills’ mission is to promote successful aging in place. We are a private non-profit organization that serves nineteen neighborhoods in Brooklyn (as noted above, previously three neighborhoods) with the goal of helping older people to age in place with dignity. The primary services we provide are case management services to older people (social workers come to the person’s home and help them figure out what services they may need and then help them to access these services), transportation services (we operate the Senior Shuttle, which runs a fixed route through Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Boerum HIll), and caregiver services for those who are caring for older family members, friends, neighbors. While there is no means test for these services, some of the services that we help people to access are means-tested. And yes, with recent budget cuts, there are fewer of these services available. Unfortunately, the mayor has proposed a 30% cut to our case management services, which will force us to have long waiting lists for service. Help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary and raise funds so that we will be able to continue providing services to our older neighbors!

  • Morley Bland

    Homer – I am a member of the Board of Directors of Heights and Hills and I want to thank you for your kind words – and for promoting our fundraiser this coming Thursday evening, May 19th, featuring Joan Copeland. I hope you are coming – and please bring your friends – see you there –

  • http://www.heightsandhills.org Judy Willig

    I’m glad we were helpful. Heights and Hills promotes successful aging in place by providing older residents of Brooklyn with services to remain in their homes and in their neighborhoods. We provide Case Management (social workers work with elders to figure out what they need and then help them access it), Caregiver Services (providing information, referral, crisis intervention and supportive counseling to family members, friends and neighbors caring for elders), and Transportation Services (the Senior Shuttle, a fixed-route service in Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Boerum Hill). In our first 37 years, we only served Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill, but have expanded and now serve 16 additional neighborhoods. There are no means tests for our services, but there may be for some of the services that we help provide access to.
    We welcome you all to come out and help us celebrate our 40th anniversary, so that we can keep on going for the next 40!

    Judy Willig, LCSW
    Executive Director

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Heights residents REALLY need to know One name to understand what is happening to many seniors in the Heights Hill area.

    The name is John Vandermolen.

    When you ask about his case a lot of “advocates” for the elderly
    get very quiet and dont want to continue the conversation.

    John Vandermolen was a resident in a highly desirable building on Montague st. His rent was about $600. month.

    One day one or two abrasive types decided to target John. He
    Told them to bother someione else in no uncertain terms. He
    shortly found the police at his door. He was arrested AND his
    accusers saw to it that anorder of protection was issued
    Barriuing him from his entire building. He was told by social
    workers what was open to himwas the shelter system. In the
    shelter he was directed to they only had chairs open so he
    had to sleep sittting up which shortly caused serious circulation problems in his legs. He was then shipped to LICH. After a number
    of serious incidents LICH reduced the swelling and returned him
    to homelessness. His infections returned. He entered St Vincent’s
    in manhattan they treated the infections but THEN said they could not release him to homelessness and shipped him to a nursing home. The criminal charges were upgraded to felonies due to one of the “victims” stating that Mr Vandermolen used racial language in one of the altercations. Well, I personally witnessed one of his
    neighbors use ethnic slurs on him. So now Mr vandermolen is in
    the state funded nursing home. Of course, the psychs in the
    nursing home testified he needed to stay.

    All this with no day in court, Without any criminal or civil judgement.

    He’s in the nursing home the rest of his life

    Waht do you think happened to the very desirable apartment?
    What do you suppose happened to Mr Vandermolen’s worldly

    This is the REALITY of what happens to seniors all too often.
    SEniors now know what happens when a neighbor, a LANDLORD
    or…anybody calls adult protective services. They get sachi at thier doors. The can also get JASA. Guess what happens next.

    Guess what happens to the RENT…afterr the senior is taken out of their home…..

    And Guess what Heights senior agency was “helping” John Vander
    molen during all this period.

    John Vandermolen a name in the secret history of the heights.

  • Jeffrey j Smith

    Oh by the way…Mr vandermolen is 87 years of age.