NYPD Activity Near Promenade Discovers Suspicious Package Not So Suspicious

A “suspicious” suitcase that was discovered near the Fruit Street Sitting Area this morning is not a threat and has been reclassified as “found property” according the officials at the scene.

These dispatches came in earlier this morning from BHB readers:

Matilda writes:

Huge activity over by the fruit street sitting area of the promenade – the area is roped off and it looks like the bomb squad is there.

Perry writes:

Columbia Heights cordoned off for a block or two from Orange to Cranberry / Midagh this morning as police check out a suspicious package on the ledge overlooking the BQE. Sounds like the bomb truck might be here now. Stay tuned…

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  • Heightsman

    Some homeless persons bag of clothes never before seen in Brooklyn Heights…..News at 11.

  • CB

    I live right across the street fr the briefcase. When I went out, the police rushed me back into my house. They said no one allowed on the street until after bomb squad is done. No idea if bomb squad is here bec I am staying in the BACK of the house.

  • CB

    All clear. Police are rolling up yellow tape.

  • Heightsguy

    I spoke with a female police officer about the contents of the bag just as they were winding up. I said “what did you find? A ham sandwich?” and she replied, “no, bologna”.

  • Andrew Porter

    Has anyone noticed the big bags of trash that someone has thrown over the wall in front of the Fruit Street Sitting Area, which are now in among the plants next to the BQE?

    Apparently some homeless person’s idea of keeping the area neat and clean.