Steve Levin Promotes Extension of Millionaires Tax

With the recent announcement of more than 6000 teaching slots being cut through layoffs and attrition, NBC nightly news spoke with Steve Levin about his proposal to extend the millionaires tax.  Given that both of these possible outcomes will affect Brooklyn Heights, which you think is better for the neighborhood?  Teacher layoffs or a millionaires tax extension?

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  • Sue

    Warren Buffet pays little taxes because he qualifies to pay at a 15% capital gains tax rate. Of course he pays less than his secretary. Plus, he has his money outside this country. If our government would make all these hedge fund people pay the regular tax rates instead of the 15% capital gains tax rates than we wouldn’t have as big a problem. I’m sure that would afffect our little niche in Bklyn Heights. Every president and senator says they will do something about it, but the Wall St lobby is too strong.
    And I know that half my income from my City job goes to taxes, so anyone who tells me that is a lie, is fooling themselves. Why should solo practioners pay that MTA surcharge?. “The taxes are too damn high”

  • Too Damn High

    I wouldn’t mind so much to the nearly 50% tax rate, and I’d wager you’d feel better, too, IF the money wasn’t squandered and stolen at every opportunity. Our government has become too big to succeed.