Open Thread Wednesday 7/16/08

flickr photo by listen missy

It’s another OTW, what’s on your mind? Comment away!

Flickr photo by listenmissy

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  • Curious

    Does anybody know what’s going on with the old Thai Grille space on Henry St. between the church and Clark’s Restaurant? There wree workers going in and out on Monday, but they didn’t seem to know what was going on.

    Also, any news on the opening of Spicy Pickle?

  • clarknt67

    They look much nicer at night, as the darkness obscures the scaffolding and the light highlights the water. I saw them from the “Movies with a View” and also from a night harbor cruise I took Sunday. It completely changed my mind. They must be seen at night to appreciated.

    I’m still curious what’s up with 101 Clinton, the building across from Packer on the northeastern corner that is rumored to be slated for demolition.

  • AB

    Does anyone have some REAL info on–yes–Gristedes reopening?

    I stopped by their pharmacy about a week ago and quizzed its manager, who told me that the store would reopen sometime “in the fall.” But he didn’t sound convinced.

    Meanwhile, no work is being done on the site–or none that I can see, and I pass the store daily.


    word on the street is that dan kaufman is no longer affiliated with busy chef and those other establishments he ran.
    any word on what happened?

  • Andrew

    IIRC, The Thai Grille space has had signs offering leases for office/professional space for a while, so this may be work converting to office space. (It’d be nice to have a good restaurant in there, though.)

  • Jazz

    @uwsfem – NO ONE CARES.

  • Pete

    Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge last week, I took a moment to peek between the floor boards to get a unique view of the waterfall from an above-view … definitely a cool perspective.

  • nabeguy

    Gristede’s ownership is more than likely still waiting fo the insurance check (or haggling over its size) In other words, you shouldn’t expect to see a single outdated container of yogurt before that issue gets resolved.

  • AliG

    Saw William Hurt having dinner at Jack the Horse this past Saturday. Is he filming something in the area?

  • GHB

    AliG, I don’t know but I saw him a couple of weeks ago at Eastern Athletic.

  • AB

    Nabeguy, I neglected to mention that I asked the manager if the insurance dough had been received–and he said it had.

    But perhaps your right about “haggling”….

  • hickster

    Blue pig is no longer an artisenal shop. Ice cream now comes from taste of the tropics which I have had in stores in flatbush and the bronx. not bad though texture is kind of weird.

  • Cranky

    @uwsfem – NO ONE CARES.
    speak for yourself Jazz. I’m curious. I wouldn’t say I care exactly but I’m always up for a bit of schadenfreude with re: Mr. Kaufman….

  • nabeguy

    Well, Gristede’s had better get on the stick or some of their valved customers are going to blow theirs if they keep having to walk up to Keyfood

  • CJP

    1) That picture of the falls actually makes it look pretty good.

    2) Just wondering. Why does Key Food get special parking/unloading privileges on Montague? I see the workers “holding” spaces for delivery trucks hours in advance. Yes, even though I don’t like the store, I like the idea of trucks delivering food. But are any other businesses extended the same courtesy and are their workers as free to “hold” spaces?

    3) Thai Grille. I’ve seen workers coming and going from that space for months now!

    4) Spicy Pickle: Saw a big Spicy Pickle truck there the other day delivering stuff. (And no, the workers weren’t holding a space…) My wife said she saw sidewalk interviews going on.

    5) Still not sure I love the “open space” idea on Sunday’s on Montague. If I want a piazza I’ll go to Venice, Mexico City or Europe. New York City does cramped, closed spaces pretty well. For better or worse it’s New York and closing a street doesn’t do much to help the problem.

  • RG

    Saw the waterfalls from the Staten Island ferry today. Great view as all four waterfalls were visible at once. The Brooklyn Heights waterfall looked exceptionally elegant.

  • cait

    I don’t know if I could ever eat at a restaurant in the Thai Grille space. Before they started cleaning it out I saw a serious rat party in there.

  • Fcat

    Any idea why the workers in the Blue Pig on Henry are always so rude/disgruntled but the folks in Busy Chef on court are almost overly nice?

  • HDEB

    The last time I ate at Thai Grill a large waterbug crawled across the table mid-meal.

  • CJP

    I stand corrected on the Key Food trucks. I checked the signs and it’s basically their delivery area: No standing, except trucks. So Key Food is perfectly legal in holding those spots for delivery.

  • cormac

    I would be rude and disgruntled too if I was serving ice cream all day to a bunch of fatties. However, I haven’t found them to be rude and disgruntled at all. I find the Blue Pig’s ice cream a little too rich though.

  • ace

    Here’s an experience I just had with the Shell Station at Atlantic and Henry. I took my car there to be inspected. They called and said that it had failed, needing new rear brakes–“down to the metal!”–and windshield wipers. Oh, and also the coolant was dirty and needed to be flushed and it needed a tune-up. All of this was strange, because the car had been serviced at the dealer just two weeks earlier. So rather than have the work done, I took the car back to the dealer for a second look. Somebody’s wasn’t giving me the straight story. The dealer’s service department told me that the brakes, wipers, coolant and engine were all fine, and my car passed the inspection with no work needed. Word to the wise: The Shell station’s overpriced gas seems to work fine, but I wouldn’t have work done there.

  • Jo

    Just curious how many of you have been “double-ticked”, meaning you arrive to your car and find two tickets for the same infraction given within hours of each other by different agencies (NYPD (10:30 PM and traffic 6:50 AM), although the car never moved. This has happened to me twice and the first time I had to fight it 3 times (by Web) for them to toss the “extra” ticket, and am now doing the same. My guess is that they don’t look to see that you already have a ticket and/or maybe the person writing the ticket doesn’t really care. I wonder how often this happens and how many people/businesses pay twice? The practice needs to be stopped.
    And please dont’ tell me I shouldn’t have parked illegally in the first place, I know and my wallet knows. :)

  • yo

    should’ve towed your ass for remaining illegally parked for so long

  • nabeguy

    Ace, try Excell Motor on Old Fulton Street. The owner, Joke (no, that’s really his name) has always been a square shooter with me (and he even turned a blind eye when I used to bring in my ’68 Mercedes, which practically needed to be towed to him for the inspection) That Shell has always been a rip-off, both for gas and service.

  • elvisIII

    Jo- there are a few options…(1) sell your car (2) move somewhere where there is more parking (3) suck it up and deal with the tickets. I bet they double ticket knowing full well that some people won’t find it worth the hassle of fighting. Too me, that’s fine. I wish they’d tear down the BQE and impose a massive car tax on all parts of the city.

  • HDEB

    Cars stink, ride a bike : )

  • jw

    shell station on atlantic did the exact same thing to me 3 years ago….luckily I didn’t buy it and went elsewhere – they are crooks!

  • No One Of Consequence

    I’ll go to the Mobil station on the far side of Flatbush Avenue Extension (just off Gold St. I think, by the 84th precinct.) It’s a bit of a pain to get to, but they do decent work. Gas is also “reasonably” priced, especially for all full-serve.
    For real work, I take my car to my old timer in Hastings. He’s got a terrible potty mouth, but it adds to the authentic experience. He’s up to date with recent models and technology, too. Worth the drive.

  • Andrew Porter

    There’s nothing going on at the Gristede’s. They’ve also put paper over the windows on the Pineapple Walk side of the store, so that view is closed off. Though if you had a stepladder, someone could get some good photos of the inside.

    And, nabeguy, you’re right about “valved” customers! Apparently they’re going after the crustacean and bivalve crowd. It *couldn’t* be a typo, now, could it?