Montague Street BID: Piazza Successful on Second Sunday

The Montague Street Piazza appears to have been a success on its second Sunday, according to Chelsea Mauldin, Executive DIrector of the Montague Street Business Improvement District. She says the street was abound with shoppers, people dining at the sidewalk cafes, and residents playing with their kids in the street, reading the newspaper and just enjoying the view on the Promenade.

Ms. Mauldin can’t stress enough that the Piazza is about about creating a pleasant environment for relaxing outside, browsing in the Montague Street shops, and dining at the street’s restaurants. She adds that the aim is not to have a block-party atmosphere, but a destination where you can watch the world go by.

Look for two of the areas newer businesses – Yoga People and NY Kids Club – to continue offering free classes this Sunday, July 20. Yoga People will be sponsoring free outdoor yoga in front of their studio at 160 Montague Street beginning at 11 a.m. NY Kids Club will be hosting free outdoor kids’ arts activities in front of their space at 125 Montague, beginning at 3 p.m.

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  • JGM

    I acutally had no idea there was a Montague Business District Committee….either they have zero power or should resign. Also, I can’t stress enough that watching the “world go by” on Montague is about as exciting as watching paint dry. The street was far from “abound with shoppers…” this past Sunday. Maybe she was attending the Brooklyn Flea and got confused? Perhaps a block party would acutally bring some people to the neighborhood.

  • velvetflip

    As a matter of fact, I do not work for the Montague Street Business District. I do not work at all! I am a stay at home wife pregnant with my first child and I am just doing this to kill some boredom between bouts of morning sickness. However, at least when I did have a job, I knew how to spell the name of the street I worked on!

  • Bob

    Kind of interesting how quiet Montague is without cars. I expect our neighborhood merchants have realized how much drive-up traffic impacts their businesses and will clamor for a hasty funeral for Piazza Sundays. One restaurant manager I spoke with was perplexed at the whole thing.

    Don’t get me wrong….I like the quiet, but I can’t see the point of this. Is it a retail sales enhancer, a gift to the residents, or a showcase to attract new, higher quality shops to the area.

    Love to have it in Fall for leaf piles and winter for sledding (if it ever snows again). But past that, no comprendo.