Montague Street Bagel Shop Not Taking Down Anti-Smoking Poster… Yet

The Wall Street Journal writes about vendors still displaying NYC’s graphic anti-smoking posters even-though a federal court says the city does not have the right to force stores selling cigarettes to display them. One shop in question is “a bagel shop” on Montague Street:

WSJ: A woman who identified herself as the owner of a bagel shop on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights said she would not take down the signs until she called the city herself to verify. A reporter faxed her a copy of a confirmation from the city’s law department, but she said she still wasn’t convinced.

While the city mailed retailers letters warning them of the consequences of violating the poster code, the Bloomberg administration did not follow up with another letter telling them they were now off the hook. City officials said they were not required to mail out “individualized notices.”

The city is appealing the federal court’s decision.

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  • Ari

    If only the city could force them to operate effectively and efficiently like they did when the previous owners had place…never seen so many people behind a counter doing such a slow and inept job at taking and completing orders…

    If only…

  • Publius

    An anti-smoking sign should be put into the convenience store at the corner of Montague and Hicks. Was there last night and saw two different teen age looking people buying cigarettes without being asked to product ID.

  • Jorale-man

    They should hang up a few of those posters around the corner of Joralemon & Court Streets. That whole area is like a giant ashtray. Always nice when you’re out of breath climbing up the subway stairs…

  • Jeffrey J Smith

    This subject…Sooooo-PC

  • TS McGee

    Is it possible that someone is unaware of the health issues that smoking can cause? Even If they don’t know, who thinks a sign will make them stop?