Open Thread Wednesday 4/13/11

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  • Demonter

    There is a sign in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia which claims that area was “America’s First Suburb.” It is my understanding that the Dutch settlement in Brooklyn Heights predates the Philadelphia community by about 30 years. Are there any historians out there who care to comment?

  • Parent

    Folks–people with dogs are NOT free to let the dog near small kids, especially those who show fear of those same dogs. Too often I walk the small kids, who are afraid of dogs, and the dog owners self-decide to perform a “public service”, even after being told to rein in their dog and NOT let their dog near the kids (the kids are hiding behind me with fear in their eyes). Smug dog owners have said ” you shouldn’t let them be afraid” , while their 60 pound dog approaches a 30 pound kid, or a small yapping dog approaches a child. Idiots.

  • jessibaby

    Saw this week’s installment of on NY1 and it seems Alex VanBuren – the annoying voice woman – has assumed a much more normal cadence. She claimed to live in Brooklyn during the piece – a BHB reader, perhaps?

  • Jorale-man

    @Jessibaby I noticed her latest NY1 piece did seem to have a smoother delivery style. I’ve also noticed that NY1 has gotten rid of Dan Eaton, the chef who did cooking demonstrations out of his kitchen. Wonder what happened?

  • north heights res

    Dan Eaton was just on the other day…this week. When did he get the axe?

  • jessibaby

    Just saw Dan a few minutes ago. He made a spring fritatta. He needs a kitchen reno.

  • epc

    Folks–parents with children are NOT free to let the children run at dogs, especially those dogs who show fear of those same children. Too often I walk my dogs, who are perfectly friendly to children, and the parents self-decide to tell their children it’s ok to run screaming towards the dogs, even after the dogs are reined in. Smug parents have said ”oh, she’s just playing around” , while their child whacks a 60 pound dog with their toy. Idiots.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @ Demonter, I don’t think either neighborhood really counts as “America’s first suburb”, at least not in the contemporary definition. Levittown Long Island is usually named as the first suburb in America.

  • jessibaby

    Human trumps canine. No matter how unpleasant the handler.

  • Elizabeth

    @Demonter, @Eddy Brooklyn Revealed ( to the town of Brooklyn in the mid-19th Century, of which Brooklyn Heights was a part, as a “bedroom community.” Seems like the precursor to suburbs which, I always thought of as coming with the popularity of cars- Levittown being the prime example.

  • sky

    Ok, here it is: A long line at Starbucks on Montague, young mothers with strollers get to the counter to order. They order, and then search their bags for their wallets and exact change – holding up the line even more. Does it occur to them to take out their purses while waiting on line? It’s as if they just realize after ordering that they have to pay! It’s annoying and happens every morning. They might not have to go to work, but I do!! There, I said it.

  • Claude Scales

    sky: I learned that lesson early in my New York residency when buying a hot dog at Nathan’s. As I reached for my wallet, the cashier snapped at me, “Have your money ready!”

  • mlo

    @ sky -The lack of common sense and regard for others all to common in these here parts. It never used to be like this.

  • Confused

    Has anyone else seen the blonde, shoes-and-sockless little girl in the North Heights? Do you happen to know what her situation is?


    WildLife and Nature in the Heights Report:

    1.On Monday morning our backyard on Monroe Place was visited by a beautiful Eastern Towhee. (FYI:Google images has them.) Anyone else?

    2. There is a magnificent blooming Camellia bush in a recessed garden on the north side of Poplar. Its spectacular bloom is worth a detour.

  • Monty

    So on Saturday which was a lovely day, we took our daughter to meet a friend at Pierrepont Playground around 4:30 and were promptly told (along with about 40 other families) that they had to close it immediately without any real explanation. The DPR employee just told us that his boss told him to do it. Anyone know what was going on?

    And my daughter has wavered between fearing and loving dogs. Most dog owners are pretty good about reining in their pooch or letting her pet them if she is feeling brave. Just like most owners pick up their poop. A lot of people are just inconsiderate and the ones who let dogs off leash, probably don’t pick up their poop and probably don’t take their money out when they get to the cashier. Dogs and kids just amplify inconsiderate behavior.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    @epc Bravo! Bravo!

    If parents kept their savage little two-legged brats leashed, there would never be any reason to complain of a run-in with a dog.

  • Wallard

    @Confused, I heard she got too close to an off-leash dog and it devoured her footwear.

  • harumph

    @Topham, clearly you were never a two-legged brat – how ridiculous you are…..

  • sky

    If you think the little brats are bad now, wait until they grow up and go to St. Anns or Packer – they will be grotesque beyond words of approach!

  • Monty

    @harumph, he is still a two-legged brat and needs to be leashed by, uhhh, let’s say a horse.

  • PierrepontSkin

    Just wanted to say that I am very proud of the fact that I grew up in Brooklyn Heights and I did not go to any of the schools in the area.

  • Daffy Duck

    We all need some sunshine and warm weather. Let’s stone the groundhog.

  • Anonymouse

    @Sky: it’s not only mothers with strollers who do that. Plenty of people without strollers hold up the line by looking for their wallets, whatever, for a long time. Enough with the stroller hate already!

  • Heightser

    @ confused – if it’s the kids I think you are referring to (she’s about 10), she goes to St. Ann’s and has insane parents. Barefoot in NYC – ewww. There was an article in the Times a couple of years ago stating that it wasn’t even recommended in Central Park on the grass. Besides filth, it is really dangerous. This kids has been barefoot for years – in the playground, all over the hood.

  • tb

    @sky, @topham..

    You guys are a couple of whiny little babies.
    Change your diapers once in a while, you’ll be happier.

  • mlo

    I was leashed as a child and I turned out quite nicely

  • sky

    It’s not just the strollers, it’s the mothers! The fathers and nannies are MUCH more polite. The mothers act entilitled and the kids are brats. I will hold the door for a father or a nanny, but I want to slam it closed in most mother’s faces!

  • tb


    Are you off your meds today? What is wrong with you?

  • sky

    I’m just saying…

    Anyway, the photo in Open Thread is beautiful. Is it currently in bloom or is it an old pic?