How to Gentrify Your Neighborhood – A Comic Primer for the Post-Hipster Generation

The folks at Brooklyn-based Ibish Comedy sent over their latest “joint” How to Gentrify Your Neighborhood. Mostly, it’s funny because it’s true.  We thought it would make an interesting conversation piece about Brownstone Brooklyn, hipsters, gentrification et al.  Watch the video after the jump.

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  • AEB

    Excellent! Now how does one go about gentrifying BH, which lacks the defining “amenities.” Not to mention gay women. Or men.

    Well, more than two. Max.

  • Claude Scales

    I once took a “How gay are you?” quiz on Facebook, and scored 25% (the advice was something like, “Better stick to handshakes”). If you could find three other guys like me, would we count as one?

  • Clintonious Wow

    Trust me, darlings, there is more than a gay-or-two in the Heights!

  • AEB

    OK, Clintonous: six gay people. Max.

    And Claude, I’m afraid not. It’s a case of more equaling the same as less. Or fewer.There must be a name for this phenomenon. Marsha?

  • AEB

    Or Max.

  • WillowtownCop

    They’re known as marshmallows in my line of work, because they’re soft and white.

  • Jorale-man

    Too funny. They hit the nail on the head. I think gentrification in Brooklyn Heights mostly happened 20 or 30 years ago (see previous thread on the porn theater on Court Street).

  • stuart little

    we are well past the gentrification stage and well into the
    geriatric stage.

  • doggiemaven

    The gentrification of BH started in the 1960’s! What is interesting is that there was WASPy “old money” that stayed straight through the “rooming house era”, mostly on Columbia Heights. Many on the Board of LICH and involved in the Casino and groups like the Junior League and Miss Fields Literary Society, still, in the 1980’s. Last names for first names.

  • nabeguy

    AEB, 6 gay people in the Heights? C’mon, you’re good for at least 4. Personally, I found this film a bit on the racist and sexist side (gotta love a two-fer), but good for a chuckle or one.

  • Big Dave

    So, who plays at the Casino, anyway?

  • Billy Reno

    AEB, may I have this dance?

  • Raisincat

    These comments are getting creepy, reminds me of Craigslist.

  • Demonter

    Tongue-in-cheek humor that tells a story.

  • Maxim

    Great video! This gentrification thing just works fine already in Berlin-Neukölln too.


  • John Wentling

    Gee Willowtown, I know a few gay folk over in the Village that are quite the opposite, more like Hells Angels – and they don’t respond well to such characterizations.