Haystack Closing at End of Month

A reader sends us the sad news that Haystack, the charming handcrafted goods emporium at 130 Clinton Street (between Joralemon Street and Aitken Place), will be going out of business on April 30. It was just a year ago that we posted this Brooklyn Independent TV piece about the store. We’re very sorry to lose another locally owned, unique shop. (Photo: nycmag.com.)

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  • Jorale-man

    That’s really a shame. They’ve brought a nice bit of charm to that block.

  • lois

    I am very sorry to see Haystack go, but when I first opened I didn’t think that it would do enough business to support itself. Eve so, they have been very generous and supportive of neighborhood organizations since they first opened. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

  • Bornhere

    I think this is a real loss. Haystack reminds me of so many stores that had been on Montague Street about 30 years ago but ultimately closed because of high rent. It’s a shame that they couldn’t try Montague today — I know the rents are insane, but the traffic would have been so much better than their Clinton Street location.

  • Montagueresident

    What a shame. It had such unique things and very gracious sales people and owner. This is just the type of shop the area needs.

  • Johng

    Ah yes, I clearly remember the “January 20, 2009″ sticker (foretelling the end of the Bush presidency) prominently displayed on their window for many months. Et tu Haystack, 4/30/2011? Touche!


    so sad to see them go

  • JM

    JohnG- shame it doesn’t occur to you that the ravaged economy that W left for us on 1/20/09 might have led to this stores closure?
    I’m glad your happy to see a vacant storefront where a small independent business that hired local folks once stood.

  • x

    Surprised it lasted this long.. Their prices are exorbitant imo.

  • EHinBH

    That really sucks. Hopefully they will open a Quiznos there…

    But seriously, I am at a total loss for being able to understand the retail real estate market in The Heights. Why can nobody afford rents. What do the landlords think they are going to get?

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Sorry t see them go, I and one of my girl fiends got a series of
    nice items there.

    Before long in this economy, I fear only tax loss type operations
    will/can survive.

  • Billy Reno

    My 8 year-old daughter spent $120 of her own money on a giant teddy bear here. You mean we have to go to Manhattan to overspend now?!


  • Gerry

    I am sad to see this shop go in Brooklyn Heights we need a nice home furnishing store and have none being that so many people move around here I never understood why we have no home furnishings stores around here?

    A few months ago I needed new glasses and I had to go to Manhattan to a Pottery Barn – and it was NO barn it was a glitzy store high prices and all but I did buy several nice things for my home here in Brooklyn Heights.

    I would like to spend all of my money here in Brooklyn Heights but there are no stores for me to go shopping in?

    What a pity!